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wow another year almost done - where does the time go?

the old me would not be able to see the sun through the storms
the new me sees the sun and it is magnificant! :o)

happy new years!
live, laugh, love!

hope you had happy holidays and here is to a wonderful new year :o)

do you have a new years resolution?  :o)

live, laugh, love!

1 semester down... 3 (or more lol) to go ;o)

very proud of myself for going back to school at 31, and completeing (rather than bailing on, or flunking out of) my 1st semester back :o)
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happy holidays!!!

live, laugh, love!

i love snow even tho its cold!

and it is snowing :o) 

positive spins are so important when there is so much negativity in this world we live in :o)

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hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful thanksgiving ~ we have so much to be thankful for :o)

live, laugh, love! :o)

life is crazy!

and with the holidays up and coming, is only going to become more so! ;o)
the latest in my world;

live, laugh, love!

feel i will be alone forever...

now that what i thought would last forever had come to an end

live, laugh, love

first big snow - YAY!!!

i do so LOVE living in colorado!!!

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i did not forget you!!! ;o)

life is literally flying by these days -
why oh why time, why do you have to fly by so???

live, laugh, love!!! :o)


i think i need pins to hold my eye lids open :oP

live, laugh, love!

falling apart...

we all come to a point where we need a break
the key is holding on, making it thro - it is not 'all for nothing'!

live, laugh, love!

This week is Suicide Prevention Week!


Radical Acceptance

It is what it is :o)
Much easier to say then to attain the mind set, but try we must ;o)

Live, Laugh, Love!

I have been hit with the 'Blahs' :oP

What do you do when you have the 'Blahs'?
I vent to you guys ;o)

Live, Laugh, Love!

another week bites the dust ;o)

a storm and headache are brewing... and with that i have lost my train of thought ;o)

Live, Laugh, Love!

time flies...

...whether you are having fun or not ;o)

Live, Laugh, Love!

late night pondering

down time...

makes for a wandering mind...
some thoughts:

live, laugh, love!

oh wow am i having issues with staying on task!

doing (or trying to) lots of reading on ADHD and Dyslexia for my son :o)
how do you cope with inattention/lack of focus?
we blog about it ;o) lol

Live, Laugh, Love!!!

Re-decorating :o)

My son is out of town so I 'tore' his room apart the last few days and re-decorated it :o)  My back hates me for it, but I think I love it!  Just wish we had our own place so I could do fun paint colors and stuff ;o)
Cheak out the story here:

Live, Laugh, Love!!!

Have A Great Weekend!

So my son left yesterday for his va-k with his paternal family, and I already miss him! :o( 
Turn that frown upside down, I know he is having a blast! :o)
Wrote up a lil' entry today, hope you enjoy:

Live, Laugh, Love!

Chello :o)

Lots going on and this girl is pooped!
 Check it out:

Live, Laugh, Love!

Sooooooo fulllllll ;o)

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday :o)
I wrote a little something for you ;o)

Live, Laugh, Love!

Brain Fog

Feeling foggy, mushy brained ;o)
As promised here is a new entry:

Live, Laugh, Love!

Hi! Welcome!

I had to start an account here to login in via my google account so I figured "why not do another blog?  they are offering me one for free" - You know me, can never have too much on this plate of mine ;o) 

If you come on over to:
you can see what we have been up too :o)  I will hop over here when ever we have a new post to share with you - keep you updated.

Not too much going on here - just playing catch up after our week and half trip to Canada (visiting family).
Speaking of, I need to get back to that - lots to do here!

Until next time - live, laugh, love! ;o)