oh wow am i having issues with staying on task!

doing (or trying to) lots of reading on ADHD and Dyslexia for my son :o)
how do you cope with inattention/lack of focus?
we blog about it ;o) lol

Live, Laugh, Love!!!


  1. i have adhd and add and spent 26 years without taking medication for it. This year I started taking Concerta and I was soo amazed by it. All the thoughts in my head race like as if they're on fast-forward, but the COncerta helped slow them down :) Anyway, I obviously followed your blog :P I didn't know you had one :)

  2. thanks michelle!
    i will def have to keep that in mind for my son going forward - i am more worried about him than myself... tho with going back to school i may want to worry a lil' ;o)
    and hey, thanks for the follow :o)
    <3 xoxo


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