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wow another year almost done - where does the time go?

the old me would not be able to see the sun through the storms
the new me sees the sun and it is magnificant! :o)

happy new years!
live, laugh, love!

hope you had happy holidays and here is to a wonderful new year :o)

do you have a new years resolution?  :o)

live, laugh, love!

1 semester down... 3 (or more lol) to go ;o)

very proud of myself for going back to school at 31, and completeing (rather than bailing on, or flunking out of) my 1st semester back :o)
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happy holidays!!!

live, laugh, love!

i love snow even tho its cold!

and it is snowing :o) 

positive spins are so important when there is so much negativity in this world we live in :o)

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hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful thanksgiving ~ we have so much to be thankful for :o)

live, laugh, love! :o)