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i hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season!
my son, the new man in my life, and i spent christmas with my family - my brother, sister n law, and niece came too. it was awesome to have the family all together! doesnt happen enough, so i am very thankful for the time we had this past week... and i know my son is thankful his uncle spoiled him rotten ;o)
next on the calendar: my birthday and new years.
today is my 33rd birthday and due to the fact i have SO much to be thankful for i am actually celebrating this year. in past years i have not really celebrated my birthday... i now realize because i didnt think there was anything to celebrate. grateful i can now see i have SO much to celebrate - life changing i tell you :o)
you may wonder, "what are you so thankful for? what is there to celebrate?"
- my son and how amazing he is
- how far i have come emotionally and mentally (in the last couple of years)
- my family and all they do for my son and i
- friends who have b…

Love & Strength to Newton CT

there are no words that convey what i feel for those affected by the tragedy in newton.
all of the love & strength i can muster goes to all of you!

many are questioning... many want to know, "why?"

we will never know the why as the mentally ill young man who was behind this tragedy killed himself as well.

i do know, we need more effective gun control, but even more importantly we NEED more effective mental health care - we need to help those before they hurt others and/or themselves. no one in their "right" mind commits an act such as this so enough with the, "mental illness is a cop out."

if you need someone to talk with about this tragedy please do not hesitate to contact me via this blog or via the mental health community i run, a sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ (link on right).

to work through something such as this tragedy we must start by acknowledging all the feelings and the situation... the next step, which is the hardest but m…

post-thanksgiving breather... and craft!

sorry i have not written since before thanksgiving - things have been... hectic.
lets see... what has been going on...
my service business has picked up a bit - VERY thankful!
took my son to steamboat springs to be with his dad for thanksgiving week, and i spent the weekend with my best friends who live there.
i have been trying to get a custom order done for the sam-e boutique - been a bit of a struggle to round up the materials needed, but i am finally on my way to having the order complete (YAY!)
my parents came up for thanksgiving and we spent the day with a family friend, as well as a friend of mine from high school who recently moved to the area - delish food and a great day!
i went snowboarding a couple of times, once with my son - (another) VERY thankful! love me some snowboard therapy ;o) just me, my board, and the mountain
my car went in for some work and had to stay (booo), but on the plus side, i got a cool rental car - on them! ;o)
...what else... i think that is it.

november: a time to be thankful

november is when the masses have decided they will take the time to be mindful and share what they are thankful for day to day. my question is (even though i love that people are doing this); why only during the month of november? why does it take a holiday called thanksgiving to get us to stop long enough that we can be mindful of our lives, our emotions, our interactions, that on a daily basis for a month we can actually declare what we are thankful for... ???
i am not being hard, cold, or any other word some one may chose to desrcibe my questioniong of something so "good", but this really does confound me. especially since i was lucky enough to learn to be mindful and thankful. i used to be like everyone else; mindlessly going through life, not realizing much of my unhappiness stemmed from lacking the ability to be mindful and in turn thankful. since this transition occured in my life, i wonder why more do not see that the lack of minfulness and thankfulness in this world…

terrific tuesday!

up a little too late last night after taking my son to football bingo as a reward for his rave reviews at parent-teacher conferences yesterday, and let him sleep in my bed last night - needless to say i am t-i-r-e-d; i forget how easily my body is effected by staying up late, having some drinks, not eating well, smoking, not exercising, etc. i am quickly reminded anytime i "slip up" ;o)
the joys of living with chronic pain conditions and mental illness lol oh well, it is what it is and i have learned to embrace it all and am learning to accept and love myself ~ finally! :o)
i am going to share some quotes with all of you that help me with the journey to self acceptance and love.

what helps you with the journey to self acceptance and love?
what tricks do you have up your sleeve?
how do you build your self esteem?
as with much of what i have worked through, being mindful, non-judgmental, working through the acknowledge & acceptance process, as well as reading brene browns 

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada! :o)

today is Thanksgiving in Canada. my family and friends are all celebrating, feasting, and resting. as i think about this i wonder if they have stopped to think about what they are thankful for... ? my mind then wanders to the question, why is it so many of us only think about being thankful at Thanksgiving? or why is it some of us never remember to be thankful?
food for thought...
i have found that the more thankful i am for what i DO have, rather then focusing on what i do not have, the happier i am.
i think we need to remember to be thankful year round rather then just at certain times of the year - we would all be much happier for it :o)
i just stumbled across a delicious looking recipe on pinterest that i just have to share with you all. the great thing about it, should work for people with most food allergies! dairy free, gluten/wheat free, nut free, and all natural!

Curried Pumpkin and Coconut Soup
Prep time 20 mins
Cook time 50 mins
Total time 1 hour 10 mins
Author: Erin Alderso…

Food Allergies you have met your match!

I wanted to help a friend who spends all her time in the kitchen due to varying food allergies in her household. As I was "researching" I decided I would put what I find into a note/blog entry for all who have food allergies to benefit from. Please feel free to share your food allergy friendly recipes and/or info in the comment area.

ok, here we go ;o)
here is some info for those who have food allergies including fruit (and veggie) allergies:
What are the best ways to manage a fruit allergy?
from ~ Usually, allergic reactions occur when the fruits are raw. Once the fruits are cooked, canned, microwaved, processed, baked, or heated in any way, the allergic effects are reduced. So even if someone is allergic to fresh apples, they will be able to tolerate eating apple sauce, apple jelly, apple juice, apple pie, and dried apples.
Also, note that the most allergenic part of the fruit is the skin, however, not due to the pesticides, chemicals, or wax on its surface. S…

lots on my mind...

too little time for all that is on my mind... and all that i need to get done.

positives lately:
got my owl tattoo colored in
my son is doing well in school and for most part with homework too :o)
friends from high school are moving out here
picking up more business
fostering a wonderful dog while her owner is on duty (in the navy)
still loving being back in breckenridge

car transmission acting up again a-n-d i hit a concrete post in an underground parking garage :oP
not able to say no as much as i want too or should be when it comes to going out and spending money
so much to do, not able to "buckle down", and there for run out of time (hence too little time)
still getting over my ex - think i am over him and then something comes up to trigger feelings/emotions

i keep hearing and am told that i need to let time heal my broken heart, hurt, anger, fear, pain... i could go on with how i feel after my last relationship ending.
so if time heals, how much time is requ…