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putting things away

since our last post we have actually done away with quite a few boxes - it feels like a weight has been lifted.
for those who are just joining or have missed previous blog entries, my son and i just made a move to the one place that we both feel 'at home', breckenridge. we are both very excited, but also very tired. it has been a long two years of living with my parents, the last 2 years of a very unhealthy relationship, and two years of searching for our next home - and we were not settling for anything less then something that truly felt like home after all we had been through in my sons (short yet very long) eight years of life. needless to say, being able to sit back and relax in our new home is the equivilant of the biggest weight you can imagine being lifted from our very tired shoulders. we very much deserve this fresh start. we have been through so much financial hardship, heartbreak, and abuse at the hands of someone we loved, trusted, and cared for, we are ready and …

the truck is unloaded

the last load has been moved into our new place and the daunting task of going through everything we have had in storage for the last (almost) 2 years ~ everything is dirty and there are things i do not want, or have broken. there is still so much cleaning to do in the new 'house', and rent & utilities are about to be due... and i need to start working more... oh do not forget that i have been sick for last 3 days...
d-e-e-p breaths
baby steps
prior commitments brought us to steamboat this weekend. while we welcome and love any opportunity to escape and take mini va-k's here, i have so much to do at our new place that the piles of boxes and 'crap' that i still have to unpack and put away are stored in the back of my mind... maybe my friend is right and some of whatever 'this' is that has had me sick is due to stress... even though i am so very excited and happy to be finally doing this move.
soooo i am going to put the stacks of 'worry' aside a…

letting go and moving on more so everyday...

with each day it gets easier to not allow my ex to haunt my thoughts... as long as i do not think about his threats - then i worry... but when this happens i remind myself that we have too many people in our lives that (take) care (of us) to ruin my life with worry. and with this thought process i realize i am finally truly moving on... atleast in that regard... i am still working on forgiving the both of us for all of the hurt i went through (and still feel). b-u-t as with any heart break with time we heal and with work we can let go and live the lives waiting for us :o)
my son was with his father this weekend and i think the pick up yesterday was the most communicative and friendly meeting we have had since... well we will just say it has been a while ;o)
another moving on point for me. another baby step.
today i have to take a parenting class for our 'parenting case' with the family court system - we joked a bit as he didnt think i would have to take it and thinks it is a …

our new chapter has begun

this week has been speant loading/unloading a vehicle, driving, moving furniture, cleaning, and enjoying some time with old friends. our new chapter has finally begun.

i cannot wait to have all of our stuff moved and 'set up' - for us to be settled and officially starting our new life chapter. i know my son feels the same way - he is so excited he can barely keep himself contained ;o)

moving has always been something (that while i hate the process lol), i love. i thank my father for moving us wround a lot growing up for the fact i can now embrace and enjoy moving/new places. my brother is the opposite of myself though and stays in one place and doesn't move. myself... LOVE a new journey - even when i was painfully shy i looked forward to it. i have now realized it was because i was so unhappy that i thought by changing local i could make myself happy. not so. one must learn how to make self happy - local cannot do that for you on its own. hence why my excitement (this time…

happy mothers day

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE MOMS OUT THERE <3 ok i cannot take it anymore lol all aspects of the 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that' site and blog are being moved here full time. we will leave the weebly site published so you can all still access our previous blog entries, but i cannot take the 'issues' over there, more to the point my patience cannot ;o)

i will work on this transition, but please be patient as we do start our move to our new home tomorrow.

until then i am going to try and get this last entry done over there without throwing my computer through a window ;o) lol

i will be back to write more later - until then, live, laugh, love :o)

ok so here is the link to our last weebly blog entry:
i kind of feel like a weight has been lifted lol
but now i have some decisions to make...
do i add another blog here to take over for the weebly blog
do …

hiking, snow, and internet freezes

i am loving today! ;o)

woke up, had breakfast with a dear friend, went hiking with said friend, another dear friend, and a new friend - the weather was perfect as it was overcast with sun spots and some spitting rain/snow. as we were having our lunch after the hike the rain came in and now it is snowing - crazy but we need moisture and will take any form.

i decided to do a blog entry on forgiveness - have been meaning to but after a comment i recieved via the sad soul page i decided it must be done sooner then later. of course my internet froze and i lost the first entry i had written, but i believe it was for best as the second entry is turning out much 'better' in my opinion :o)

so now i sit here trying to get the forgiveness entry done but weebly and my internet are making it frustrating so it is break time, and here i am ;o)  i am not going to let some frustrations ruin my day.

i am excited for a job interview i have tomorrow - fingers crossed it pans out as i would real…

still brainstorming our direction...

i am thinking that a direction for this blog might be to share the lighthearted side of me...
share projects i have in life or at work, fun parenting 'things', quotes, travels, and more - a place to share happiness :o)
the weebly blog will continue to be where i share 'stories', life lessons and try to help others one blog entry at a time, just as we try to do via the 'a sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ' (mental) health information and peer support facebook page :o) (
and for those who don't know there is also the 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that: random thoughts' facebook page that is a branch of my blogs - i share quotes, pics, 'thoughts of inspiration' - a secondary place for me to get things off my chest ;o)  (

i will have to think on it some more, but this looks like a game plan ;o)

the above was written this mornin…

hmm which direction shall this blog go?

so i originally started this blog to give people another way to find my main weebly blog site... i now find this silly ~ not judging, just my opinion ;o)  and with that thought process i ask myself, "ok then, which direction shall we take our blogger page?"
i will still share links to our latest entries from the main 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that' blog website, but want to also make this blog unique - give this blog it's own personality... i have even thought about just bringing the whole site here... getting rid of the weebly site... but then none of the old links would work if we shut down the weebly site... too many thoughts, ideas, and choices ;o)
i think i need to sit on this some more ;o)
live, laugh, love :o)
p.s. would love your input :o) oh and here is the latest entry at our weebly site:

letting go... rough day

“You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.”
C. JoyBell C.
i am having a rough day and thought i would share some 'thoughts'...

live, laugh, love :o) site is back! here is our latest entry: