happy mothers day

ok i cannot take it anymore lol all aspects of the 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that' site and blog are being moved here full time. we will leave the weebly site published so you can all still access our previous blog entries, but i cannot take the 'issues' over there, more to the point my patience cannot ;o)

i will work on this transition, but please be patient as we do start our move to our new home tomorrow.

until then i am going to try and get this last entry done over there without throwing my computer through a window ;o) lol

i will be back to write more later - until then, live, laugh, love :o)

ok so here is the link to our last weebly blog entry:
i kind of feel like a weight has been lifted lol
but now i have some decisions to make...
do i add another blog here to take over for the weebly blog
do i just write everything here?
i think i need to think on it some... right now i am too tired to try and make these decisions
right now it is time to enjoy the rest of my mothers day, my kiddo, and my mother :o)

live, laugh, love!


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