hiking, snow, and internet freezes

i am loving today! ;o)

woke up, had breakfast with a dear friend, went hiking with said friend, another dear friend, and a new friend - the weather was perfect as it was overcast with sun spots and some spitting rain/snow. as we were having our lunch after the hike the rain came in and now it is snowing - crazy but we need moisture and will take any form.

i decided to do a blog entry on forgiveness - have been meaning to but after a comment i recieved via the sad soul page i decided it must be done sooner then later. of course my internet froze and i lost the first entry i had written, but i believe it was for best as the second entry is turning out much 'better' in my opinion :o)

so now i sit here trying to get the forgiveness entry done but weebly and my internet are making it frustrating so it is break time, and here i am ;o)  i am not going to let some frustrations ruin my day.

i am excited for a job interview i have tomorrow - fingers crossed it pans out as i would really like to start working as soon as i can. with a new lease and bills i am getting worried about funds even though i know i make enough to cover everything... i more fear being rent/bill rich and money poor.

and last but not least, monday we finalize our lease and get to start moving, finally ;o) many of you do not know that we have been searching nearly two years for a home. after much deliberation we finally decided where we wanted to be so then we had to actually find a place that was the right size, allowed dogs, and we could afford - not so easy where we want to move, but with patience it is now happening for us and we could not be happier :o)

the longer life goes on the more i believe in karma and that what we do unto others will be done unto us - and i hope a dear friend was right when she said, "Sam, you have learned some really sad lessons. Because of this, the Universe is affirming - "job well done"! Lessons needed for you to move forward are completed. Just look how opportunities are coming forth." :o)

live, laugh, love

todays weebly blog entry is on forgiveness: http://alilbitofthisandthat.weebly.com/1/post/2012/05/forgiveness.html


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