hmm which direction shall this blog go?

so i originally started this blog to give people another way to find my main weebly blog site... i now find this silly ~ not judging, just my opinion ;o)  and with that thought process i ask myself, "ok then, which direction shall we take our blogger page?"
i will still share links to our latest entries from the main 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that' blog website, but want to also make this blog unique - give this blog it's own personality... i have even thought about just bringing the whole site here... getting rid of the weebly site... but then none of the old links would work if we shut down the weebly site... too many thoughts, ideas, and choices ;o)
i think i need to sit on this some more ;o)
live, laugh, love :o)
p.s. would love your input :o) oh and here is the latest entry at our weebly site:


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