putting things away

since our last post we have actually done away with quite a few boxes - it feels like a weight has been lifted.
for those who are just joining or have missed previous blog entries, my son and i just made a move to the one place that we both feel 'at home', breckenridge. we are both very excited, but also very tired. it has been a long two years of living with my parents, the last 2 years of a very unhealthy relationship, and two years of searching for our next home - and we were not settling for anything less then something that truly felt like home after all we had been through in my sons (short yet very long) eight years of life. needless to say, being able to sit back and relax in our new home is the equivilant of the biggest weight you can imagine being lifted from our very tired shoulders. we very much deserve this fresh start. we have been through so much financial hardship, heartbreak, and abuse at the hands of someone we loved, trusted, and cared for, we are ready and waiting to take our second chance by the horns.

with that said: i have all the boxes in my room put away, and i think i have all the boxes for the kitchen emptied - now i also have an almost overwhelming pile of dishes to do, but atleast the boxes and containers are gone ;o) i have found photos i have not seen since they went into storage, the feelings they envoke make me choke up... my son has grown up so much - where does the time go? one minute our kiddos are so small they cannot hold their own heads up and the next thing you are debating wii time for the week. i urge all new parents to enjoy every minute for next thing you know that infant will be a toddler and the toddler a child then child to teen and finally teen to adult - dont miss out like some of us made the mistake of doing. appreciate all time you have with your little ones.
hmmm off track a little?
i think moving can make us sentimental ;o) truly believe it can be therapeutic as well - forces us to face things we may avoid otherwise...
unpacking i have come across items i would rather not see, but am not ready to be rid of yet either - those items get packed back up and will be taken to storage until i am ready to let go of them... hoping that time will come sooner than later, but will not judge myself if it does not happen in a timely fashion.
when going through boxes we come across many things we have forgotten, some we wish would remain that way, others we rejoice in their discovery. moving reminds me a bit of christmas as we go through the boxes and containers, never knowing what we might find amongst our personal posessions long ago packed up and stored. my hands start to turn black from all the dirt and dust coating everything that has come from storage. reminds me of how grateful i am for my son and i to be back on our own, to have 'our stuff' back with us in our own space. you will definitely hear very appreciative sighs of relief coming from our home.

ooo i was very happy to be able to see a 'long lost friend' this past weekend - so appreciative too. reunions with 'good' friends is heart warming . i cannot wait for us to catch up and rekindle our friendship. it forsee a beautiful journey. my heart is ready and open for positve friendships/relationships. let go of the old and negative and emrabce the new and positive.
goes along with the move and new chapters - so much to be thankful for right now :o)
as well i am so very thankful for the couple of true blue friends we have - without them the move would not have happened. their muscles really pulled the whole thing off ;o) thank you to friends who are like family!
who needs handfuls of friends when you have a couple who you can truly count on? not me.                         
(found this while searching for a quote about friends and moving and well... lmao had to share ;o)

anyhoo - i cannot wait to finish with the unpacking part so i can truly get us settled in. hang pictures. put out our decorations. our rugs and throw pillows. lamps. the little things that give our new home our touch. i may even do some painting if the owners allow me too - have bright green paint for a wall or two in my sons room, it is too fun :o)

bummer is the water heater definitely needs to be replaced - barely holds a shower. oh well, it is what it is. the owners did mention it may need to happen, guess i should be happy it will be done sooner then later. find the positive spin - we will have brand new hot water heater, i do love me a hot shower ;o)

this week is my sons last week of 2nd grade - i feel like i should feel bitter sweet about this but it really does not cause me much emotion and i think i am judging myself for this... i actually have always judged myself for being the mum that doesnt get all weepy over school year beginnings and endings... i mean not even with preschool or kindergarden - is there something wrong with me? i need to aknowledge and accept this part of me and stop this judgement cycle, totes ineffective and a waste of my energy. acknowledge, accept, let go of the judgments. i am who i am. stop comparing myself to other mothers... definitely will take baby steps ;o)

once the school year is over my son goes with his paternal family until sunday evening of fathers day - i am having some anxiety over this. spending the first two weeks alone in our new home is a little unsettling for some reason. i hope to get another job asap and fill my time working, and when not working hiking, networking, and some socialization. i also hope to hear from my son often as this will be new for me... well it will be the longest i have been alone. i can and will do it if it takes all my skills and tools to get through the next two weeks :o)

<deep breath>....

we got this.

until next time,
live, laugh, love!


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