still brainstorming our direction...

i am thinking that a direction for this blog might be to share the lighthearted side of me...
share projects i have in life or at work, fun parenting 'things', quotes, travels, and more - a place to share happiness :o)
the weebly blog will continue to be where i share 'stories', life lessons and try to help others one blog entry at a time, just as we try to do via the 'a sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ' (mental) health information and peer support facebook page :o) (
and for those who don't know there is also the 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that: random thoughts' facebook page that is a branch of my blogs - i share quotes, pics, 'thoughts of inspiration' - a secondary place for me to get things off my chest ;o)  (

i will have to think on it some more, but this looks like a game plan ;o)

the above was written this morning, it is now noon and i have been working away on this blog. 
you will notice new pages, links, and much more.
the more work that is done here the more i believe we should add another blog page over here rather than trying to keep up both the weebly site and this one... but keep the weebly site published so as that you are able to access past entries - many of you have expressed finding them helpful and/or informational. big reason for this line of thought is due to lack of time on my end and not wanting to let the people who follow the blogs down, and this blog has not encountered the 'drama' that the weebly site has. this blog has not been... hmmm word... 'tainted' for me (so to speak). going forward with this blog would go along with the new start my son and i have going on in the rest of our lives ~ let us just start everything anew, fresh :o)
i am the type of person who has way too many ideas and not enough time ;o)
think i need to do some more thinking.
until next time,
live, laugh, love :o)


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