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where did the last 2 weeks go?

WOW does time fly!
the job situation has not changed - we are now living on borrowed money and though i am coping with the stress very effectively (for the most part), i had a bit of a melt down the other evening/night.
all of a sudden faitgue took me over, pain came on, and then depression hit - i figure the combo of financial stress, physical ailment 'flares', my lovely monthly female friend, and missing my son/feeling lonely made for the perfect storm. very thankful for a dear friend that i reconnected with this move. he texted and talked me through 'the mood'. reminded me of things i know and pointed out some things i had not thought of previously. i may be money poor, but i am now rich with people who love and care about myself and my son - why i ever let my ex convince me other wise is now beyond me (and i try to forgive mysef and him, accept and let go... it is what it is - cannot change the past, but i sure as hell can open myself up for a wonderful future ;o…

the last 10+ days... :o)

it is time for me to buckle down and stop having so much fun living back in breckenridge ;o)
in the last ten days i have done more walking/hiking/trail running, went and saw a high school friend who lives in vail, visited friends in steamboat, reconnected with old friends here in town, made new friends, and went rafting for the first time = one happy gal :o)
b-u-t all this fun also means i have not really done anything to bring in any new income = financially stressed gal :oP
so today i am sitting in the library, catching up on work, printing out applications/etc for the local temp agenices, and enjoying the fresh air coming through the open window beside me. once done here i will go enjoy a walk/hike with a friend, my dog, and the doggies he is pet sitting, then i will do some crafting for the sam-e boutique. all in all should be a productive and enjoyable day.
this pic is my latest facebook cover photo - i just love it! found it on a motivational fitness page on facebook. in my op…

'making' a home, hikes, and hanging in there

been almost a week since my last entry... oh how times flies ;o)
my sons 2nd grade school year has ended - he enjoyed the last 2 days more so then the whole year i believe ... lol
we went for his first summit county hike and complained the whole way <haha> ...he is a hike for reward type of guy - no wildlife, no 'sights', no adventure and he is 'no happy' lol lesson learned and from now on we will go where i know there is reward. (and old dog can learn new tricks)
i dropped my son with his paternal family friday evening and then headed home... already feeling anxious over spending time alone in our new home i decided that i was going to keep busy until ready to go to bed and then would do the same thing the next day. while unpacking that night i became highly emotional and had a good cry - same reason as last post, so much of what i am unpacking brings memories back that i have not addressed or grieved. this move is quite the emotional one but much needed. the m…