the last 10+ days... :o)

it is time for me to buckle down and stop having so much fun living back in breckenridge ;o)
in the last ten days i have done more walking/hiking/trail running, went and saw a high school friend who lives in vail, visited friends in steamboat, reconnected with old friends here in town, made new friends, and went rafting for the first time = one happy gal :o)
b-u-t all this fun also means i have not really done anything to bring in any new income = financially stressed gal :oP
so today i am sitting in the library, catching up on work, printing out applications/etc for the local temp agenices, and enjoying the fresh air coming through the open window beside me. once done here i will go enjoy a walk/hike with a friend, my dog, and the doggies he is pet sitting, then i will do some crafting for the sam-e boutique. all in all should be a productive and enjoyable day.
this pic is my latest facebook cover photo - i just love it! found it on a motivational fitness page on facebook. in my opinion this says it all - and applies to pretty much anything in life.
for example the other day i was feeling sorry for myself after a not so pleasant run-in with an (ex) friend - i had forgotten how (badly) things had ended there... let us just say he had a few choice words for me and let them be known in front of a (partially) full bar of people. i started to let the vicious shame cycle begin, but caught myself and instead owned and explained my side of the story to a friend who was with me. i am still going through acceptance of what was said to/about me, but i work on not letting it make me miserable (or any other negative emotion/feeling). rather i motivate myself to work through the acceptance process, and eventually i will apologize and explain my story to the (ex) friend with the choice words. (long story short, i lied to this person out of fear of physical harm from my ex.)

owning my story is something i am learning via brene brown's, the gifts of imperfection - wonderful book and you can follow my life changing journey via my other blog, a sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ...
i have actually been thinking about owning the whole story with my ex in a blog entry... but will have to wait until i have internet at my house and have the time and privacy needed. i would also like to share/own my life story with all of you, but that will have to come in increments - or be the longest blog entry in history ;o)
ah well, for now the time has come and i must be going - time to get applications printed, filled, and faxed/emailed.
dont forget to be mindful so you too can see when you are being too serious or having too much fun - balance is so key to happiness and life in general :o)
live, laugh, love!


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