where did the last 2 weeks go?

WOW does time fly!
the job situation has not changed - we are now living on borrowed money and though i am coping with the stress very effectively (for the most part), i had a bit of a melt down the other evening/night.
all of a sudden faitgue took me over, pain came on, and then depression hit - i figure the combo of financial stress, physical ailment 'flares', my lovely monthly female friend, and missing my son/feeling lonely made for the perfect storm. very thankful for a dear friend that i reconnected with this move. he texted and talked me through 'the mood'. reminded me of things i know and pointed out some things i had not thought of previously. i may be money poor, but i am now rich with people who love and care about myself and my son - why i ever let my ex convince me other wise is now beyond me (and i try to forgive mysef and him, accept and let go... it is what it is - cannot change the past, but i sure as hell can open myself up for a wonderful future ;o)
the question was posed, "where did the last 2 weeks go?"
my son & i had a house-warming dinner and had some friends over - it was very nice and made us both happy. before the preparing for guests though we hiked the sally barber mine trail and my kiddo got to see sally babrer mine - thought that was pret-ty cool!
next the same friend who took me rafting for my first time took my kiddo (and i) - let me just say we think my son is a future rafter/kayaker in the making. he loved the rapids, couldnt get enough, and wanted bigger and badder - such a boy ;o)
after our day on the river we went and hiked mc cullough gulch (same trail i had done previously) - ryder loved the water falls and even more so loved the lake at the top of the falls (which i had not seen before due to snow blocking the trail). if i do say so myself, absolutely beautiful!!!
the rest of the week was spent visiting my parents, meeting a friends beautiful new baby, and going to steamboat for my best girl friends birthday.
i packed in as much fun as i could for my kiddo since we only had a week together - think it was a success? ;o)

then this past week... hmmm well monday... dont really remember what i did lol thats no bueno (it was an errand and chore day), but monday night i went out, and did so a little too hard... and did not realize it at the time which then ruined my tuesday as i drank too much and felt like crap all day - i was deliberate in my actions though when i took 'the day off', and did not judge myself for it. i acknowledged that i made an ineffective choice, accepted it for what it is, and moved on by taking care of myself.
wednesday a friend took me on a trip to denver to get supplies i needed, and thursday that same friend kicked ass and helped put those supplies into action and use.
wednesday night was when i had my bout of depression, but after talkng with my friend motivated and crafted/got work done, and by thursday night i was out socializing with friends - now i am sitting in the library catching all of you up on my crazy life ;o)  while crazy we are also now living our dream and are so very thankful and in turn, happy - all we have to do is look out any of our windows,  see the beauty that surrounds us and any frown that may have been quickly disapeers into the colorado blue bird skies.
and with that...
until next time folks,
live, laugh, love :o)


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