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dont just diet, change your life

i know it is unusual to write 2 entries in one day, but i had a request for this "info" and thought a blog entry would be most effective way to get the info out there to everyone.
this is going to be "short and sweet" - if you would like more info just let me know via comment/email :o)

changing your life - get and stay mentally & physically healthy
dont just diet, make life long changes for your physical and mental health

a few notes i think are crucial to your (lifestyle change) success:
- dont judge yourself, and work on not judging others
(our judgments of others generally stem from our self judgments)
- dont compare yourself to others
(no two humans are the same... well minus identical twins, but even they have differences)
- not everyone will enjoy the same exercises or foods; find what works for you
- ask your doctor for help/supervision, especially if you have health problems
- find a (work out) buddy and/or support system to help you stick with your…

another week... :o)

since moving i feel like i am going through a whole new learning process - emotionally, physically, and mentally.
my confidence is being built up be friends old and new, but then things happen that tear pieces away. when this occurs the acknowledge & accept process begins, but a spin - when possible i am taking steps to communicate my feelings and thoughts on said "things" to the person(s) involved and "standing up" for self.
one acknowledge & accept process though also needs action taken, and unfortunately i am having issue finding the motivation... need to cut down the "nights out on the town". drinking, smoking, late nights all take a toll and are a trigger when it comes to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and mental illness. i am know once the school year begins this will be much easier, but i am judging myself for not being able to do this on my own with out the "distraction" of my kiddo being home. why can i not just find the motiva…

rent, va-k, ineffective choices and the flip side

since i was last able to write a full entry i have had to come up with rent by means of borrowing money from my parents, taken a family vacation in st louis during a heat wave, came back from vacation to humidity damaging our garden, still having a very hard time finding work, and last but not least, made a VERY ineffective choice while highly intoxicated that i am still working on accepting over a week later - BUT - even with all of this (all in all) i am HAPPY :o)

see even though the above things have happened (and then some), i am not focusing on the negative. instead this is how it has been "processed" through my mind... ;o)

1)i had to borrow money last month to afford rent, from my parents. while i did not want this to happen i had not found work yet, rent had to be paid, and i was lucky enough to have parents who had some extra money last month and could help me. i feel blessed and am thankful. in the past i wouldve judged myself, and possibly even then held resentment …

Happy 4th of July!

i shall write about this when we return home, but we are in st louis visiting my brother and his family currently ~ put aside the fact that the weather/humidity here makes all of my health problems flare and focus on the fact i am spending time with my brother and his fam (who we only get to see maybe once a year) and you have one happy lady here ;o)
hoping you all focus on the positives in life this 4th of july and are thankful for and enjoy what you do have :o)
happy 4th everyone :o)
live, laugh, love!!!