another week... :o)

since moving i feel like i am going through a whole new learning process - emotionally, physically, and mentally.
my confidence is being built up be friends old and new, but then things happen that tear pieces away. when this occurs the acknowledge & accept process begins, but a spin - when possible i am taking steps to communicate my feelings and thoughts on said "things" to the person(s) involved and "standing up" for self.
one acknowledge & accept process though also needs action taken, and unfortunately i am having issue finding the motivation... need to cut down the "nights out on the town". drinking, smoking, late nights all take a toll and are a trigger when it comes to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and mental illness. i am know once the school year begins this will be much easier, but i am judging myself for not being able to do this on my own with out the "distraction" of my kiddo being home. why can i not just find the motivation to stop these ineffective behaviors?!?!? because it is easier to give in then to fight - like anything in life takes so much less effort to take the "easy path".
i am just glad i am mindful enough to even see what is going on and what i am doing to myself.
learning to be mindful and practicing mindfulness truly is first step and one of the keys to happiness.

we will say the emotional/mental ups, downs are... well... i will sum it all up as progress ;o)
flip side to the above is that we found a room mate to help with rent and bills for now, i am finding more work and my kiddo is home for a bit = one happy momma!
i could focus in on the fact my fibro/cfs/depression is acting up, but i would rather focus on the forementioned positives in my life. the physical and mental pain can be put to the side - for me doing this is form of "treatment". live life, enjoy the positives, and work on "fixing" the negatives via the positives and by changing the ineffective "things" in my life causing the negatives. it all takes work but it is so very worth it as i enjoy my son and life so much more these days - it is awesome!
remember that when we focus on negatives our mind and body feel that energy, when we focus on the positives... well you can figure it out ;o)

right now my kiddo and i are in denver for appointments and to visit with my parents.
i had a dialectical behavior therapy class last night then had to drop my car off to get worked on (it started having some issues shifting last week, fingers are crossed it is nothing major), and today is a day to hang with my mum and run errands later today. my son is off having a wonderful time with his friends who are my parents neighbors, and i am able to sit here and share with all of you. thankful for the simple things in life that bring us joy :o)

once we head back up the mountains to our home we will be spending time with friends and i thankfully work friday (and another thanks is my clients have no problem with me bringing my kiddo with me). so grateful for our friends and for finding more work!
ooo something else i am thankful for - all the wonderful fresh produce in the grocery stores right now! num num num olathe sweet corn, palisade peaches, rocky mtn ford melons = pure bliss, or as i like to say, "an orgasm in my mouth" lol i so appreciate good food! makes such a difference in mind and body when we actually enjoy eating healthy foods. i stand by my motto of, "consume crap and you will feel like crap, consume healthy foods and you will feel healthy" - what we eat effects mind and body, it is not just our waist line that is effected ;o)
what is you favorite healthy recipe/meal?
this is my fave for today ;o)
chicken and apple sausage
sweet corn
salad (greens, grape tomatos, cucumber, avocado, walnuts, craisins, and a balsamic dressing)

my fave "spice" right now is himalayan/mediterranean pink salt (full of iron, calcium, among other important minerals, AND adds a very unique (salty) flavor) - like any salt thought use in moderation
what is your fave spice?

i really do love, appreciate and enjoy cooking/culinary art - very therapeutic in my opinion.

well... i think that is all for today :o)
until next time folks live, laugh, love!
p.s. leaving you with this quote on mindfulness... gets you thinking ;o) and maybe will get you started on the path to practicing mindfulness and finding happiness.


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