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summer is over and school is back in session

i think i am one of the few mums who does not get all mushy and sentimental over the beginning (and end) of another school year. i used to judge myself for this, no more though. have to accept my self for who i am to stop the self judgments and in turn the judgments of others.
on a lighter note, my kiddo had an awesome first day back! they did his fave subject, science, and he walked out at the end of the day all smiles. that is what gets me mushy - seeing my son so happy.
and ha our alarm totally did not go off first day so he landed up late - OOPS! thankfully he was not mad at me and as i said, he had a great first day. this morning i made sure we were up two hours before the school bell ;o)
since it is back to school time i am going to share a recipe, craft, and educational game today - fun stuff for a time that can be stressful on kiddo(s) and parents.

i am going to start with a dish that my son loves as the base is one of his fave foods - mac n' cheese ;o)
tuna mac
package o…