summer is over and school is back in session

i think i am one of the few mums who does not get all mushy and sentimental over the beginning (and end) of another school year. i used to judge myself for this, no more though. have to accept my self for who i am to stop the self judgments and in turn the judgments of others.
on a lighter note, my kiddo had an awesome first day back! they did his fave subject, science, and he walked out at the end of the day all smiles. that is what gets me mushy - seeing my son so happy.
and ha our alarm totally did not go off first day so he landed up late - OOPS! thankfully he was not mad at me and as i said, he had a great first day. this morning i made sure we were up two hours before the school bell ;o)
since it is back to school time i am going to share a recipe, craft, and educational game today - fun stuff for a time that can be stressful on kiddo(s) and parents.

i am going to start with a dish that my son loves as the base is one of his fave foods - mac n' cheese ;o)
tuna mac
package of mac n' cheese
can or two of tuna (water packed)
peas, carrots, and any other veggies your fam loves
freshly ground pepper
freshly ground sea salt
tomato, diced
garlic (fresh, minced, or powder)
onion (fresh, minced, or powder)
grated cheese

pre-heat oven to 350
prepare the mac n' cheese
prepare the veggies then add to mac n' cheese
drain, rinse, and add tuna to mac n ' cheese
season with pepper, salt, garlic and onion, and add tomato (and any other seasonings you love to cook with)
put into oven safe dish, sprinkle with some grated cheese, and bake until top of tuna mac is "crisp" (or to your liking)

fun twist - top with your fave salsa!
our fam loves ketchup on top of our mac n' cheese ;o)

homemade (edible) paint
food coloring
VOILA! :o)
 to go with our paint recipe...
hand n' feet fish
1) you will need paint and paper
2) cover your feet and hands in paint
3) make prints on paper with your hands and feet
4) wash off ;o)
5) get a marker/pen and draw fish on top of your prints - use your imagination!
6) cut out the fish
7) decorate your fish - have fun with this!
8) get colored paper and glue your fish to the paper (blue works well as it looks like water)
now you have hand n' feet fish ;o)
(from and based from the book, hurray for fish by lucy cousins)

Homemade (Educational) Board Game
You will need:
manilla file folders or cereal boxes
free internet printables or recycled magazines
clear contact paper or laminator (Home-schooling Tip: Invest in a $30 laminator.)
bingo markers
index cards or small recycled boxes from jello, etc.
paper clips
paper fastener
game tokens, bingo chips or dried beans
Write words, labels, questions, problems, or any other content that you are teaching on index cards (Greener way: cut side panels off from small recycled boxes and use in place of index cards). You can also print images and glue them to cards if appropriate (if you are teaching Spanish vocabulary, use images of words you are learning.
Write answers on the back for self-correcting.
Draw a curvy path on the inside of the file folder (Greener way: box ends off from cereal box; use inside as a game board. Cover with plain paper if necessary.
Make stops on the path with bingo markers or glue pictures on board. You can be as inventive or simple as you like. Label the first 'Start' and the Last 'Winner'.
You can add little shortcuts or write go back on certain spaces to liven up the game.
Create a spinner by drawing a circle in one corner of the game board. Divide it into fourths. Label three quadrants with a number and the fourth 'lose one turn'. Place a metal brad or paper fastener in the center and hook a paper clip around it for a spinner.
Staple a ziploc bag to the inside of the game board with cards and game pieces inside. (Greener way: use a recycled envelope to store pieces)
Write instructions on the outside of the game. Make them simple. Player spins. Opponent reads card question and checks players answer on back. If correct move ahead the number of spaces on spinner. If incorrect, move back number of spaces on spinner.
Make a little tab with the name of the game so that it can be stored in a bin or filing cabinet.
For younger children you can also skip the cards and put the content on the game board. Use this option for letter naming, simple math problems, word and picture match, and other more basic content.
These games are amazingly versatile and can be created for just about any content or grade level. You can make them to accommodate more players. You can set up several copies in stations or groups. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
well, i hope you enjoy what i have shared today :o)
i need to get going and pick up little man from school and do some house work.
until next,
live, laugh, love!
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. - Aristotle


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