marvelous monday!

hope you are all enjoying this marvelous monday! we woke to snow :o)

mid-september and we are a month into my sons 4th grade year and so far so good. he likes his teacher, his new school, and is making friends. i am super stoked (as is my son) on the program they are using for reading, if your school does not use this program and your kiddo struggles with reading in any way, ask for this program today! it is pretty amazing watching my kiddo enjoy reading.

as for myself, i have not been working as much as we need for me to work, but things seem to be turning around. i have an interview with another cleaning company friday, am cleaning one of my regulars homes tomorrow, and starting in october will be helping a cleaning company a friend works for with some of their work. i have been very busy updating the sam-e boutique website and etsy store front. still a lot more work to do on it too.

we are fostering a very cute pit bull mix while her dad is over seas (he is in the navy). this cute little girl and our pit bull are getting along so far, but they have had a couple of moments that make me think they may hash it out yet. all in all i think they will be best of friends in no time.

tonight i made a quick and easy healthy meal that my son loved!

tilapia in madras lentils
2 packages of tasty bite madras lentils
4 pieces of tilapia
whatever veggies you want to throw in: tomato, zucchini, squash, peas, etc
(olive) oil
(sea) salt
(freshly ground) pepper

heat oil in pan
cook fish
put salt and pepper on fish
once fish is cooked through, break up in pan
add the packages of madras lentils
add vegetable
cook & serve

i saw a fall craft that i am going to make - havent done a seasonal craft in some time.
the craft is a fall banner. you take burlap, canvas, felt and cut into 4 triangles/flags. then with (fall theme) patterned fabric cut out the letters F - A - L - L. take the letters and sew or glue them onto flags. sew or glue flags onto hemp, ribbon, yarn, rope. now hang your banner where ever you like!
you could do this for any season: spring, summer, winter.
(pic below is an example of what you could do)

and with that i think i will say,
"until next time, live, laugh, love!"


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