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post-thanksgiving breather... and craft!

sorry i have not written since before thanksgiving - things have been... hectic.
lets see... what has been going on...
my service business has picked up a bit - VERY thankful!
took my son to steamboat springs to be with his dad for thanksgiving week, and i spent the weekend with my best friends who live there.
i have been trying to get a custom order done for the sam-e boutique - been a bit of a struggle to round up the materials needed, but i am finally on my way to having the order complete (YAY!)
my parents came up for thanksgiving and we spent the day with a family friend, as well as a friend of mine from high school who recently moved to the area - delish food and a great day!
i went snowboarding a couple of times, once with my son - (another) VERY thankful! love me some snowboard therapy ;o) just me, my board, and the mountain
my car went in for some work and had to stay (booo), but on the plus side, i got a cool rental car - on them! ;o)
...what else... i think that is it.

november: a time to be thankful

november is when the masses have decided they will take the time to be mindful and share what they are thankful for day to day. my question is (even though i love that people are doing this); why only during the month of november? why does it take a holiday called thanksgiving to get us to stop long enough that we can be mindful of our lives, our emotions, our interactions, that on a daily basis for a month we can actually declare what we are thankful for... ???
i am not being hard, cold, or any other word some one may chose to desrcibe my questioniong of something so "good", but this really does confound me. especially since i was lucky enough to learn to be mindful and thankful. i used to be like everyone else; mindlessly going through life, not realizing much of my unhappiness stemmed from lacking the ability to be mindful and in turn thankful. since this transition occured in my life, i wonder why more do not see that the lack of minfulness and thankfulness in this world…