post-thanksgiving breather... and craft!

sorry i have not written since before thanksgiving - things have been... hectic.
lets see... what has been going on...
my service business has picked up a bit - VERY thankful!
took my son to steamboat springs to be with his dad for thanksgiving week, and i spent the weekend with my best friends who live there.
i have been trying to get a custom order done for the sam-e boutique - been a bit of a struggle to round up the materials needed, but i am finally on my way to having the order complete (YAY!)
my parents came up for thanksgiving and we spent the day with a family friend, as well as a friend of mine from high school who recently moved to the area - delish food and a great day!
i went snowboarding a couple of times, once with my son - (another) VERY thankful! love me some snowboard therapy ;o) just me, my board, and the mountain
my car went in for some work and had to stay (booo), but on the plus side, i got a cool rental car - on them! ;o)
...what else... i think that is it.
i could go on about the negative in my life, but when i think about the above mentioned "events" i feel so much better!
with that said, PLEASE remember to be thankful ALL year - not just during the month of november. your mental, and in turn physical health will be all that much better for it. being thankful makes such a difference in ones life :o)
sooooo i wanted to share the order i am working on with you - its pretty fun!
the way i am making them, i think any crafty person could enjoy making them!
you will need:
1 throw pillow
1 pillow case
plate (will use to trace circle for face)
paper (to trace)
1 pieces of felt the color of what ever "flesh tone" you want
1 pieces of felt the color of what ever hair color you want
red felt for lips
black felt for eyes
embroidery thread that matches felt colors
embroidery needles
this is the idea i used, and why i needed a pillow case:
now, google "red envelope kids faces"
find and save the largest version of the face you want to your computer
trace the plate on the "flesh tone" felt, cut out the circle
now open and enlarge the pic you saved to your computer so as that the face (felt & computer) sizes (approx) match up
get piece of paper and pencil - trace the hair from the pic you enlarged onto the paper and cut out what you traced
pin the hair cut out onto the hair colored felt - outline - cut out hair
pin the hair to the face
cut out round eyes using the black felt
cut out a mouth using the red felt
sew all "on to" the face
put the finished face to the side
grab your pillow case - follow the instructions provided above (via the link) for the no-sew pillowcase cover - figure out where you will sew on your finished face, and mark (where it will go) - now "take apart"
grab your finished face and pin it to the pillowcase where you marked
now sew the face on to the pillow
VOILA! you are done! A-N-D have a super cute throw pillow/gift! :o)
here is the stage i am at...

i am at the stage where i sew everything on to the face - notice you can add embellishments if you like. all up to you! and don't worry, i will make sure to post more picture so you can see the progress and finished product.
i hope you will share your projects with me too! :o)
with that, i think i will end todays entry... i have a spaghetti squash roasting and need to go flip it ;o)
It may be when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work, and that when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey.
~ Wendell Berry


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