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i hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season!
my son, the new man in my life, and i spent christmas with my family - my brother, sister n law, and niece came too. it was awesome to have the family all together! doesnt happen enough, so i am very thankful for the time we had this past week... and i know my son is thankful his uncle spoiled him rotten ;o)
next on the calendar: my birthday and new years.
today is my 33rd birthday and due to the fact i have SO much to be thankful for i am actually celebrating this year. in past years i have not really celebrated my birthday... i now realize because i didnt think there was anything to celebrate. grateful i can now see i have SO much to celebrate - life changing i tell you :o)
you may wonder, "what are you so thankful for? what is there to celebrate?"
- my son and how amazing he is
- how far i have come emotionally and mentally (in the last couple of years)
- my family and all they do for my son and i
- friends who have b…

Love & Strength to Newton CT

there are no words that convey what i feel for those affected by the tragedy in newton.
all of the love & strength i can muster goes to all of you!

many are questioning... many want to know, "why?"

we will never know the why as the mentally ill young man who was behind this tragedy killed himself as well.

i do know, we need more effective gun control, but even more importantly we NEED more effective mental health care - we need to help those before they hurt others and/or themselves. no one in their "right" mind commits an act such as this so enough with the, "mental illness is a cop out."

if you need someone to talk with about this tragedy please do not hesitate to contact me via this blog or via the mental health community i run, a sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ (link on right).

to work through something such as this tragedy we must start by acknowledging all the feelings and the situation... the next step, which is the hardest but m…