Love & Strength to Newton CT

there are no words that convey what i feel for those affected by the tragedy in newton.
all of the love & strength i can muster goes to all of you!

many are questioning... many want to know, "why?"

we will never know the why as the mentally ill young man who was behind this tragedy killed himself as well.

i do know, we need more effective gun control, but even more importantly we NEED more effective mental health care - we need to help those before they hurt others and/or themselves. no one in their "right" mind commits an act such as this so enough with the, "mental illness is a cop out."

if you need someone to talk with about this tragedy please do not hesitate to contact me via this blog or via the mental health community i run, a sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ (link on right).

to work through something such as this tragedy we must start by acknowledging all the feelings and the situation... the next step, which is the hardest but must be done; accept all of the feelings/emotions and the situation for what it is - not whats right or fair. this process may need to be completed several times before one can "let go" and "move on".

so much love & strength being sent out - i know people around the country, and even the world, are being affected by the newton ct tragedy.

be there for eachother by means of empathy & compassion.
you are not and are never alone.

a little something a friend shared...
Tomorrow is not mine, nor yours.
I live 1/2 block from an elementary school - And as I watch these kids get dropped off this morning I just start to cry. Because some parents don't get to drop their kids off this Morning, because I wonder about their safety, and even because I feel blessed to be able to physically touch all of my children today. I am humming 'I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free' while cringing over the thought of what that freedom seems to mean to some American people. There is not ONE answer or ONE problem, there is NO blame on a specific thing. No matter who you voted for or what religion you are or where you stand on personal political matters.... We are all in all grief stricken. We are mothers or fathers who can feel that pain, we are grandpas and grandmas full of grief, we are teachers who are thinking 'where would I go with my classroom of students', we are first responders whose visions of a day turn into nightmares of a lifetime.... WE ARE PEOPLE. We need love, understanding, and compassion. We are one of the strongest nations at the table- to spoil that with divisions of too many kids is such a sad reality. Do we need a different and more thorough gun policy? Probably. Do we need to figure out a way to get health care to people both mentally and physically? Absolutely. Very personally I believe we need more family dinners, less tv, less video games, more board games, more family cooking together, reading books, limiting violence in games and movies, TALK to your kids about their days and their dreams.... And please please please realize that as adult role models in this very broken state we are in- be thoughtful for what you say and how you say it. Send love, cards, financial help, prayers.... Whatever you can and instead of being a political opinion, be a compassionate mother, a proactive father, a supportive neighbor.... Be kind America, be thoughtful. Tomorrow is not mine and it is not yours. Live with no expectations and love to the FULLEST!!!


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