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Comfort Food

I had a request for our family mince recipe, and then wanted to share a soup recipe I made tonight. Mince Meat
1 lb Ground Beef
1 Onion
(Couple cloves of Garlic)
Brown Gravy (we favor a Candian brand called Bisto)
Ketchup (yep lol)
Worcestershire Sauce (gluten free version if needed)Brown beef and cook onions (& garlic)
Add gravy, pepper (&salt), ketchup, and worcestershire (season to taste)
Cook peas and carrots seperately and add to mince meat at end
Serve with mashed potatoes
Enjoy!And now...
Beef and Veggie Soup
Ground beef
Vegetable broth
Diced tomatoes
I used carrots, celery, parsnip, green beans, and cauliflower
Italian Seasoning blend Sweat onion and garlic
Add beef and cook through
Add seasonings, and stir
Add broth and diced tomatoes
Add veggies
Cook and enjoy!

School Tragedies

It is very sad that we have lost anyone, but especially all the children we have lost due to school tragedies in this country.
Today a friends kiddos schools were on lock down due to a gunman in the area.
Due to this she has been on an emotional roller coaster ride all day.
Not being able to make sure your kiddos are o.k. is terrorizing... not knowing is one of the worst feelings in a situation like that.
(In my opinion, the school should have allowed parents to make sure their children were ok... maybe even allow phone calls between child and parent.)
While I am completely sympathetic, empathetic, and feel compassion for any parents who goes through a scare and/or death with their child(ren), I also have some views many (emotional) parents don't like.
When faced with a situation like this the most effective things you can do are:
1) take some deep breaths and get into the present moment
1) acknowledge the situation for what it is, no matter how wrong or unfair
2) do what you …

true friends

every so often in life, things occur that allow you to truly see who your real friends are.
my move was one of those times for me.
since we made our move I have realized a lot of the people I poured time and emotion into, and felt were family (of sorts) over the last 18 months, did not feel the same way about myself and my son ~ even though they touted to have over that time period.
what I have found is that the silent friends ~ the ones who were always in the background ~ were people I should have shared some of that time and emotion (that I whole heartedly poured into the people I thought were "family") with (a little more that I did)...
sorry for my confusing, parenthesized, thoughts ;o)
I do not regret my choices. those choices brought me life lessons I would not have had otherwise.
it just saddens me is all.
I will acknowledge and accept this realization as I must do with anything I cannot change (and bothers me lol), I will move on, and hopefully I do not repeat t…


Touchy subject, I know.
Also acknowledge the fact I may ruffle some feathers and land up with some angry comments, b-u-t...
The reason I feel the need to write about it is due to the lack of understanding going on in regards to "Obamacare"/health care reform.

The way I am going to do this post is in a question and answer format: questions I see day to day on social network sites.  (And I am very much so editing the questions I have seen as most are attacking the reforms and/or the President, rather than asking questions and seeking answers.)

Question:  Why do we need health care reform?
Answer:  We need health care reform due to the fact that, like any industry, from time to time "the system" needs to be overhauled and updated. Reasons include: increasing costs, change in demographics, change in the marketplace, changes in technology, changes in the economy, changes in politics, and so on. Health Care reform accelerated when Bill Clinton was President, and Hillary …

"Leftover Omelets"

Happy Thanksgiving!
This morning I went into the fridge to make breakfast, and noticed there were leftovers in the fridge... this got my creative juices going ;o) well and with it being Thanksgiving, and knowing we will have a fridge full of leftover at the days end, I decided to use what we already had in the fridge for breakfast. I just had to decide what to make.
Well, I thought about my boyfriend, and voila, it came to me - omelets! (He is a chef and I watched how he makes his perfect omelets, so now I can make perfect omelets ;o)I call these "Leftover Omelets" since the "stuffing" was all food we had leftover in our fridge from pervious meals.How to make:
Grab leftover potatoes, veggies, and meat (s) - if no onion or garlic in your leftovers, dice some up, and sautee with leftovers
If you want bacon, cook that first
Use bacon pan & grease to sautee "leftovers" - if no bacon grease, use your preferred "oil"
Drain leftovers once t…

Since the move began...

I know I have done a post about our move, but did not really talk about our lives "Since the move began". Some things have changed... pretty exponentially, and all "good" changes.
Since moving my son (which I did before doing the actual move - too much stress for both of us, and my parents were willing to take my son), he has been doing really well in school!
(For new readers) My son is super smart, but unfortunately deals with severe dyslexia and issues with A.D.D.. Different schools, teachers, aids, etc, do things differently.
The last school my son was at was very focused on "catching up" Ryder (as with his reading issues he was approximately 2 grades behind). Both schools have actually done this, just to varying degrees. Problem was, the school in Breckenridge was "babying" him. Focusing almost solely on catching him up in reading, writing, and math. My son though thrives on being challenged to a degree - especially when the subject matter…

Gluten Free Crepes

I made crepes for dinner and they were delish! Though I highly recommend a crepe rake as trying to get a crepe as thin as they should be without one is impossible (and frustrating).
Here is the link for the recipe we used: Gluten free crepes and more -
Make sure to butter your pan before you pour batter, when you flip, and when you top.
Have fun and enjoy!!!

Egg & Bacon Cups

Made a super easy, but super yummy breakfast this morning.
Found the "recipe" on Pinterest.
You need bread, eggs, bacon, cheese, non-stick muffin pan, and non-stick spray.
Cook bacon part way, then lay on paper towels.
Use round cookie cutter/glass to cut rounds out of bread.
Spray muffin pan.
Put bread rounds in muffin "spots"/cups (gluten free bread requires some delicate work, but at same time work it... if you're gluten free, you understand ;o)
"Wrap" 1 pc of bacon on inside of each cup.
Put little cheese on top of each bread round.
Put one egg on top of each (may not need all the egg white if not "scrambling" - either way dont fill cup too much).
Bake at 400 degrees for approx 15mins.
Add salt, pepper, hot sauce, salsa - whatever you like - and enjoy! :o)

Need to clean out the giggle file again

The funnies in my cell phone picture gallery are adding up once again, so here is a post purely to share some laughter before I delete these from my phone.
Hope you enjoy! :o)


Hello everyone! :o)

I have decided to finally try and use some of these pins I have been pinning. I am working through recipes and crafts to start, but will be trying to pick things off each board to try out every week.
Please check me out on Pinterest:
Follow my boards, and maybe join me on my journey to conquer all of my pins ;o)

Until next time all,
Live. Laugh. Love!

Rekindling my passion for cooking

I looked in my mums fridge and all of a sudden all I could think about was making tons of delicious meals... is that weird? ;o)
Cooking has always been a passion of mine, but unfortunately one that gets pushed to the wayside when I am working a lot, and/or life gets busy.
One of the things I enjoy about cooking is the prep work. It is a sort of therapy. The cleaning, cutting, slicing process is a time for me to "meditate".
The preparation of the meal is like painting for me (another passion that gets ignored). Choosing the colors, smells, and tastes is an art form in itself. Then combining them and making something people actually enjoy... like revealing an art work that people actually understand. ;o)
So next time you are faced with cooking, think of it as your next masterpiece and enjoy the hell out of it! :o)Today I made:
Garlic, Onion, Bacon, Brussel Sprout Skewers (drizzle olive oil, add sea salt and freshly ground pepper)
Zucchini Chips (drizzle olive oil, add sea sa…


So since I last shared with you we have moved. Never fun ;o)
Once we are totally done with this I will sit down and write all about the happenings as of late, but right now I am just sharing moving "shots".
The first pic is the beginnings of our move ;o)
Second pic is of my mums car filled to the brim ;o)
The 3rd pic is of my bedroom once we got everything out :o(
The fourth pic is of my room at my parents before I started going through it all :oP (fun times ;o)
And the last pic is my purging process ;o) didn't have the time or place to purge before the move soo, had to wait until after to move :oP so this pic is the before, after, and the tiny purge pile lol def need to get rid of more ;o)Oh moving - love/hate relationship ;o)
It is what it is; stress lol
Just kidding... kind of ;o)
Moving, like most other things in life, has it's pluses and minuses.
Yes, it is a headache. And yes, it can be expensive.
But moving is a chance for fresh starts. New friends. New lif…