2013 is flying by me...

happy new year... VERY late! oops!
life has been so very busy since the new year for us.
school, work, relationships, mountain time, social time, and daily to-do's/responisbilities have left me... running behind on a few items - such as this blog and the sad soul blog.
i apologize!!!
is it not amazing how life can all of a sudden (or that is how it feels) overwhelm and then next thing you know, months have gone by?!? it amazes me... and frustrates me due to the matters i procrastinate on during times such as these ;o)

i had promised y'all that i would post pics of the custom throw pillows i was working on for a customer order - i finally have those for you, yay! ;o)
the pillow for sage used felt lettering for the name, while i hand embroidered xavier's name.
it was a ton of fun (and frustration lol) making these pillows.
next, i am making one for a friend with a little girl who has adorable blonde curls ;o)
well, i have another busy day ahead of me. time to get ready for work. i promise i will try to find more time to write - and get some reading done for the sad soul blog.
until next time folks,
live, laugh, love!!! :o)



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