another school year almost done

my son turned 9 in april, and now is almost done 3rd grade... where does the time go?

this school year has been an interesting one...

my son has dyslexia. he flips letters up, down, and sideways. a "b" can be a "d", a "q", or a "p".
on top of this, he started at a new school this year where most of the kiddos have grown up together.
very quickly they picked up on the fact the new kid gets pulled from class for special ed time and to be with his reading specialist. half way through the year, the "small jabs" had become full on bullying. he would spend recess and lunch alone. kids would call him dumb, pull pranks on him, and more. it got to the point he would be in tears over having to go to school, and being a mother with a broken heart over her kiddo going through such bullying (and since i myself had been bullied as a child), i allowed him to stay home a few times, and even looked into pulling him from public school and home schooling him.
well, thankfully, the principal finally stepped in. since then the bullying etc has calmed down, and my son has actually wanted to go to school. the principal said he would work on self advocacy with my son, which in my opinion is huge! i know my sons principal is a very busy man already, so to offer his time and effort means the world to a mum who is terrified and heart broken for her child.
(academically he has been on a roller coaster ride as before the bullying things were improving, where as during the bullying his academics suffered. i am waiting for the last report card to see if things have improved since my sons principal stepped in to help.)

i share this story as i know my son is not the only child being bullied and i want other parents to know they are not alone in their fight for their kiddo(s).

growing up, bullying was not an issue.
my parents and others would tell me to "buck up", "chin up", etc.
up until recently the victims of bullying were treated as though they were the cause of their unhappiness. that they were not tough enough and there laid the problem. the mindset was that "kids are mean, get over it!"
due to this (along with sexual abuse i endured later on as a child (at the hands of a neighbor)), i had a very depressed and anxious child hood. i grew up hating myself and believing the words spewed at me by bullies. i was painfully shy, and once i hit puberty, things only got worse due to the fact all the previous "issues" were ignored and pushed aside. (i was diagnosed bipolar 1 with social & general anxiety disorders and ocd tendancies at the age of 15.)

i will continue to fight for my son so as that he does not have to endure the trials and tribulations i did due to being bullied. my hope is that everyone who has been the victim of bullying, or has a loved one who has been a victim, will stand & fight and help end this senseless abuse (as that is what bullying boils down to, abuse). as well, i hope more help is given to the people who are bullies as more often than not they have "issues" at home and/or with mental illness.

apologies for this entry being short and "sweet". i could go on for hours about this topic, but will end here hoping everyone learned something from this post.
until next time folks,
live, laugh, love!!!
(sorry for not having any pics to lighten the mood; something quirky with computer right now)


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