been a hot minute (part 2)

and i am back ;o)

soooo along with making ineffective choices when it comes to the men in my life, i have also been making ineffective choices for me over all.
since christmas/new years, i have really "fallen off the wagon".
drinking too much... doing drugs when i drink... promiscuity due to getting too drunk... depression, etc... over spending... and due to stress and being intoxicated, i started cutting again (which i have now stopped again).
i have been in a down ward spiral and am very disappointed in myself. at the same time, i am also thankful and proud i am mindful enough to see the problem. for the last month i have been working to get back to "healthy me". it is a slow process, but i am working at it.
deep breaths and baby steps to success :o)
it is so much easier to go backwards then it is forwards, but going forward and fighting for ourselves is how we find our true strength.

to help get back to "healthy me", i am going to go back through my dialectical behavior therapy lessons, start doing yoga everyday (start with 10 mins/day and work my way up), get the "crap" out of my diet (junk food, soda/juice, etc), quit smoking (again), and get my drinking under control.
a year ago today i could trail run over a mile at 10,000+ feet, on a mountain (running a 10 min mile - i have exercised induced asthma, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc that play into my fitness levels)... no longer the case.
my goal - get back to being able to trail run a mile by july 4th weekend. big goal, but i know i can do it if i just buckle down and get to work today!
do you have any goals?
if so, have you begun?
remember, everyday we say "tomorrow", we could have started today!
what advice/tips do you have for people trying to "get back on the wagon"?
what would you tell someone who has taken steps backwards to help them start taking steps forward?
what would you say to/do for someone who needs a support system to work towards physical and mental health?
i would love to hear from you all - please leave comments on this post (and any others posts we have), and help those who need a little extra "boost" get them on their way to a "healthy them".
...and with this...
May is Mental Health Awareness Month.
what have you done to help spread awareness?
i work peer support via a facebook page called, a sad soul can kill you quicker than germ, and a closed peer support group called, peer 2 peer support group. 
what does mental health mean to you?
for myself, it means finding balance between body and mind. learning and using coping skills. learning self love, acceptance and respect. and much more!
something i think is very important to remember in regards to mental health: body plays off mind, and mind off body.
i hope this post has helped someone out there.
we all can work together to find physical and mental health.
let us start today!
until next time...
live, laugh, love!


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