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Our dear Lulu needs surgery ♥

The latest in our lives...
Our darling Lulu needs surgery to remove a 2 1\2 inch wide, round mass, (with cottage cheese like texture), under and around one of her nipples.
Her veterinarian believes she has mammory cancer (is 99% sure).
With it being off season here (= limited income), and me, a single mother in the process of a move - I do not have the funds for the surgery.
I am reaching out to all of you for help...
Please go to the above link and help us get our beloved Lulu the surgery she needs ♥♡♥
If you are not able to donate, please share the page anywhere and everywhere you can. The sooner we can do this surgery, the more likely we are to catch "the cancer" before it spreads.
...Seven years ago we rescued her from a backyard breeding situation... we have come so far together...
She has so much life left in her... let us animal lovers make sure she gets to see and enjoy it.
Thank you.
Live. Laugh. Love.

Our tumblr "blog"

Here is the link for our tumblr "blog" ~
We were recently convinced we just had to try it ;o)
Hope you will stop by and decide to follow us :o)
Live. Laugh. Love.


I have quite the collection of funny pics on my phone and don't know if I will ever have a chance to use them all, sooooooo, this post is purely to share some laughter ;o)


Please make sure you follow us on Facebook (link is on the blog site). Even if I do not have a chance to blog, I am always sharing and posting on our Facebook page.
Thanks all!
Live. Laugh. Love.

Five months...

I cannot believe May was the last time I was able to post... once again, so many apologies! In the last 5 months life has been a roller coaster ride. Rather than getting my life back together as I had hoped, somehow I managed to take even more steps backwards in my recovery... not that it was all ineffective, but there were enough ineffective choices made that the end result of it all is not a positive one. Maybe though, rather than look at positive or negative, I should see that this is how the universe meant for things to happen...Through the summer, due to my son spending most of it with his father as well as my parents wanting time with him, I worked as much as I could. The reason for doing this instead of enjoying the summer was to make and save money... problem was, the more I made, the more I spent... on partying and self medicating.My belief is many of us think we are coping with the stresses that are part of life, but in reality are not. When this happens (another personal be…

Many Apologies!

I am so very sorry it has been such a long time since I have done a post!
My computer has been acting up, as has my life.
I have now downloaded the blogger app on my phone and will start doing posts from here.
On top of my computer going hay wire, our kindle has decided to fight us as well so I have not been able to do anymore reading for the Sad Soul blog (or myself). I hope to get Brene Browns book, the Gifts of Imperfection, in paper back soon and continue working on the Sad Soul blog.
Promises to all that we will have much to share and read going forward - so much catching up to do, as well as current issues and fun :o)
Tomorrow you will have a post to enjoy!
Until then,
Live, laugh, love! ♥