Egg & Bacon Cups

Made a super easy, but super yummy breakfast this morning.
Found the "recipe" on Pinterest.
You need bread, eggs, bacon, cheese, non-stick muffin pan, and non-stick spray.
Cook bacon part way, then lay on paper towels.
Use round cookie cutter/glass to cut rounds out of bread.
Spray muffin pan.
Put bread rounds in muffin "spots"/cups (gluten free bread requires some delicate work, but at same time work it... if you're gluten free, you understand ;o)
"Wrap" 1 pc of bacon on inside of each cup.
Put little cheese on top of each bread round.
Put one egg on top of each (may not need all the egg white if not "scrambling" - either way dont fill cup too much).
Bake at 400 degrees for approx 15mins.
Add salt, pepper, hot sauce, salsa - whatever you like - and enjoy! :o)


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