So since I last shared with you we have moved. Never fun ;o)
Once we are totally done with this I will sit down and write all about the happenings as of late, but right now I am just sharing moving "shots".
The first pic is the beginnings of our move ;o)
Second pic is of my mums car filled to the brim ;o)
The 3rd pic is of my bedroom once we got everything out :o(
The fourth pic is of my room at my parents before I started going through it all :oP (fun times ;o)
And the last pic is my purging process ;o) didn't have the time or place to purge before the move soo, had to wait until after to move :oP so this pic is the before, after, and the tiny purge pile lol def need to get rid of more ;o)

Oh moving - love/hate relationship ;o)
It is what it is; stress lol
Just kidding... kind of ;o)
Moving, like most other things in life, has it's pluses and minuses.
Yes, it is a headache. And yes, it can be expensive.
But moving is a chance for fresh starts. New friends. New life experiences.
It is also a chance to look back and see where you have come from, and how far you have come.
...I will end with our 4th day of thankfulness:
I am thankful for smooth moves ;o)
Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love. :o)


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