"Leftover Omelets"

Happy Thanksgiving!
This morning I went into the fridge to make breakfast, and noticed there were leftovers in the fridge... this got my creative juices going ;o) well and with it being Thanksgiving, and knowing we will have a fridge full of leftover at the days end, I decided to use what we already had in the fridge for breakfast.
...now I just had to decide what to make.
Well, I thought about my boyfriend, and voila, it came to me - omelets! (He is a chef and I watched how he makes his perfect omelets, so now I can make perfect omelets ;o)

I call these "Leftover Omelets" since the "stuffing" was all food we had leftover in our fridge from pervious meals.

How to make:
Grab leftover potatoes, veggies, and meat (s) - if no onion or garlic in your leftovers, dice some up, and sautee with leftovers
If you want bacon, cook that first
Use bacon pan & grease to sautee "leftovers" - if no bacon grease, use your preferred "oil"
Drain leftovers once they are cooked, and use leftover grease for omelet pan

Each omelet: 2 eggs, equal amount (fat free) milk (substitute), beat/whip together
Grease omelet pan
Heat around "3" on stove (top settings)
Set oven to broil
Pour omelet mixture into greased frying pan
Cook until bottom solid
(Add grated cheese)
Place in oven until top cooked
Carefully remove from oven and let omelet "fall"
Place on serving plate
Stuff with sauteed leftovers
(Add spinach)
(Top with tomatoes, more cheese, salsa - whatever you fancy)
If you cooked bacon, place on side of omelet

VOILA! enjoy :o)

(I used leftover scalloped potatoes, leftover mushrooms, and leftover chicken. I then grabbed 3 garlic cloves and pressed them (by hand, but you can use a garlic press). Next I diced all and sauteed all together in the pan I used to make bacon. After preparing our omelets, I put sauteed leftovers in the middle, topped with spinach, folded/closed the omelet, and then topped the whole thing off with diced tomatoes ~ dericious!!!)


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