Since the move began...

I know I have done a post about our move, but did not really talk about our lives "Since the move began". Some things have changed... pretty exponentially, and all "good" changes.
Since moving my son (which I did before doing the actual move - too much stress for both of us, and my parents were willing to take my son), he has been doing really well in school!
(For new readers) My son is super smart, but unfortunately deals with severe dyslexia and issues with A.D.D.. Different schools, teachers, aids, etc, do things differently.
The last school my son was at was very focused on "catching up" Ryder (as with his reading issues he was approximately 2 grades behind). Both schools have actually done this, just to varying degrees. Problem was, the school in Breckenridge was "babying" him. Focusing almost solely on catching him up in reading, writing, and math. My son though thrives on being challenged to a degree - especially when the subject matter is something that interests him.
Long story short, being back at the school he was at from K to 2nd grade seems to be very effective for Ryder. After only doing multiplication for 2 weeks (the rest of the class has been working on it since the beginning of the school year), he is acing tests and homework! Academically this was a very effective move for my kiddo, which is awesome!
Let me say this: his school in Breckenridge was integral in teaching my son self advocacy and in building his confidence. Like myself, the time we spent in Breckenridge was obviously meant to be a major learning and growing period for my son.

For myself:

(My snot filled brain is making it hard to write a post that "flows", so I aapologize now for the rest of this post ;o) 

1) I have learned who my true friends are. A move can really show true colors of those who you once thought were "family".
2) I started dating someone a friend had introduced me to a few months back. So far... total opposite of the abusers and users that have been the majority of my boyfriends in the past. If you follow our Facebook page you have probably noticed the posts about love - in a positive light ;o)
2b) Last week I was told by a friend (who has known me for approx 7+ yrs), that she had never seen me look so happy/glowing ~ pretty sure the new man in my life has something to do with that ;o)
2c) It's so different to be with someone who tells you all the time how beautiful & sexy you are. Someone who looks at you with pure love. Pure happiness. Someone that is so sweet... caring... and nice that they become more attractive to you everytime you get some time with them. Someone that after only 3 weeks of dating, you can feel you are falling in love with... all I can say is, pretty amazing! :o)

While talking puppy love... Our beloved dog Lulu went into surgery yesterday... and made it out a.o.k. :o) We still have to watch her, and of course help her through her recovery, but all in all ~ the vets and lulu's family are not too worried. As much as we can be, we are sure we "got" the cancer, and of course I am now sick :oP So Lulu and I are kind of recovering together :o)
Flu season is here... meh ;o)

Life is pretty "good" right now.

Anyhoo, I could go into more detail(s), but don't want to bore you, and think I got all the main points ;o)
Until next time.
Live. Laugh. Love!


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