Touchy subject, I know.
Also acknowledge the fact I may ruffle some feathers and land up with some angry comments, b-u-t...
The reason I feel the need to write about it is due to the lack of understanding going on in regards to "Obamacare"/health care reform.

The way I am going to do this post is in a question and answer format: questions I see day to day on social network sites.  (And I am very much so editing the questions I have seen as most are attacking the reforms and/or the President, rather than asking questions and seeking answers.)

Question:  Why do we need health care reform?
Answer:  We need health care reform due to the fact that, like any industry, from time to time "the system" needs to be overhauled and updated. Reasons include: increasing costs, change in demographics, change in the marketplace, changes in technology, changes in the economy, changes in politics, and so on. Health Care reform accelerated when Bill Clinton was President, and Hillary Clinton was the First Lady. 

Question:  Why are we being penalized for not having health insurance?
Answer:  Because people have taken advantage of "the system", have not paid their medical bills (whether able or not), are not insured, and so on. Due to the abuse of the system, health care and insurance costs are ever rising, and in turn those who do have insurance and/or do pay their medical bills, land up footing the bill for all those who do not (pay their bills, and/or take advantage of the system). Sorry if that is a little confusing lol The most basic explanation: a snowball effect has occurred and this is one of the only (effective) ideas anyone has come up with to try and resolve the issue.
Look at it this way ~ being penalized for not having health insurance is no different than being penalized for not having vehicle insurance as someone who operates vehicles.  We all operate our bodies, and not all of us do so effectively ;o)
(Clarification: I know there are many of us who have unpaid medical bills only because we could not acquire health insurance - whether it be due to lack of income/job, pre-existing conditions, and/or the like. I have been one at times. Heck, even right now with insurance, I can not always afford my health care costs above and beyond my insurance. It is a slippery slope. BUT, these reforms will help us all in the long run. We just have to be patient. We cannot be typical Americans and expect everything yesterday ;o)

Question: Why is my policy being cancelled?
Answer: Or policies are cancelled and "re-done" every year. Most of us do not even realize this occurs due to our employers or insurance agents taking care of this for us.  Policies being cancelled year to year is not something new. This is something that has always gone on. Do not blame health care reform.
Side Note: There are some businesses that are unhappy with the reform and as a way to fight back are cancelling policies.  Do not confuse angry businesses with health care reform not being effective.

more info: http://www.whitehouse.gov/healthreform

Question: Why are rates the highest they have been? Why are costs going up?
Answer: Like any industry, costs are going up. Health care is no different than produce/food, gas, oil, metals, etc. Also, like the retail industry, the more "theft", the higher the prices.
There is a difference with Insurance.
We can control the rates to a degree.
The Insurance Industry works on a Pool System. The more people who buy in, the less the individual costs are. The less people who buy in, the more expensive it is individually.
This is another reason to "force" people to acquire insurance. Not only will this help reduce the abuse of the system overall, it will also lower the rates.

Question: I cant afford insurance. Will I be penalized?
Answer: You must make a certain amount of money (or as a business have 50 or more employees), to be penalized. The health care reform addresses the fact not everyone can afford to acquire insurance. Many of us won't be penalized, and/but we will be offered credits on insurance, discounts, subsidies, and more.

more info: http://www.whitehouse.gov/healthreform

We will end our Q&A section and I will leave you with this ~

Here are some ways Health Care Reform is already helping you:
- Free Preventive Care
- Young Adults, under 26, can stay on their parents health care plan
- Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions (Including Mental Illness)
- No "Cancellations" or Lifetime Limits on Care
- Rebates from Insurance Companies (when they have excess overhead)
- More Affordable Insurance Options
- RX Savings for Seniors

Get out there and truly educate yourself.
Stop making bold statements such as, "Obama(care) is the worst thing to ever happen to our country!!!", (cuz really, you kind of sound like an uneducated jerk. What about slavery? Civil rights? WWII? The Great Depression? I could go on.), and learn all the ins and outs of Health Care Reform. Stop listening to biased people trying to get their political views across, and educate yourself!!!
Oh and hey, as I said before, be patient.
NO ONE would have fixed our countries problems any faster. (Worst economic situation since the Great Depression.)
NO ONE has come up with any other ideas or effective solutions.
NO ONE would have done any better of a job with the pissing match that has been going on in Congress, and period, in our country.
So, take a deep breath.
Research. Learn. And be patient.
Next year we have another election ;o)
P.S. I support our President and what we voted for.
Until next time friends,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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