School Tragedies

It is very sad that we have lost anyone, but especially all the children we have lost due to school tragedies in this country.
Today a friends kiddos schools were on lock down due to a gunman in the area.
Due to this she has been on an emotional roller coaster ride all day.
Not being able to make sure your kiddos are o.k. is terrorizing... not knowing is one of the worst feelings in a situation like that.
(In my opinion, the school should have allowed parents to make sure their children were ok... maybe even allow phone calls between child and parent.)
While I am completely sympathetic, empathetic, and feel compassion for any parents who goes through a scare and/or death with their child(ren), I also have some views many (emotional) parents don't like.
When faced with a situation like this the most effective things you can do are:
1) take some deep breaths and get into the present moment
1) acknowledge the situation for what it is, no matter how wrong or unfair
2) do what you can to rectify situation, and what cannot be "solved", accept the crap out of it
3) try not to (over) react - reactions are emotionally based and rarely solve anything. They actually tend to cause more stess and/or problems.
4) have patience
This is the best advice I can give.
I know the feeling to want to pull your kiddo from school and home school - there really are no less dangers. More accidents happen within proximity of your home than anywhere else. Also, most parents should not be teaching, especially their own children. And last but not least, socially it is not the wisest decision for a majority of children.
I wish there was something I could do so as that no parent ever had to go through this kind of emotional stress ever again, but as parents, we sign on the day our children are born.
I don't know what else to say...
My heart goes out to all parents effected by people who take their pain/psychopathy out on others.
Much love & strength going out to all of you today ♥♡♥


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