true friends

every so often in life, things occur that allow you to truly see who your real friends are.
my move was one of those times for me.
since we made our move I have realized a lot of the people I poured time and emotion into, and felt were family (of sorts) over the last 18 months, did not feel the same way about myself and my son ~ even though they touted to have over that time period.
what I have found is that the silent friends ~ the ones who were always in the background ~ were people I should have shared some of that time and emotion (that I whole heartedly poured into the people I thought were "family") with (a little more that I did)...
sorry for my confusing, parenthesized, thoughts ;o)
I do not regret my choices. those choices brought me life lessons I would not have had otherwise.
it just saddens me is all.
I will acknowledge and accept this realization as I must do with anything I cannot change (and bothers me lol), I will move on, and hopefully I do not repeat this mistake again.

so with this, I leave us all with this thought ~

we are lucky to have even one true friend. if you have that, cherish it. do not want for more.

until next time folks,
live. laugh. love.


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