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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Why is it break ups never get easier?
The heart ache. The feeling in your stomach like all of the butterflies died...
Loosing someone who was/is a friend, confidant, lover, hurts like hell no matter how many times one goes through it. It feels like it never gets easier. Key word there: feels.
We can make it easier, but only as far as the process goes. You will still go through "the hurt".
Break ups are another example of a situation most must Acknowledge and Accept to be able to truly move on and find some peace & happiness.
Acknowledge all of the emotions, thoughts, feelings, and then Accept the crap out of it all. Acknowledgment is much easier than Acceptance. Acceptance sometimes takes a few go's before one can actually find true acceptance, but like anything in life - the more we work at something, the easier it becomes.
I will leave you all with what I am calling, "the broken heart time line".
(I am dealing with my own broken heart... not easy whe…

dinner and desert

I found an easy, yummy, and healthy recipe on Pinterest that I made last night - it was yummy!
unfortunately, I lost my phone Christmas eve so I do not have a way to get pics right now, but at least you will have the recipe ;o)

Sausage and Pepper

This Recipe Serves 4

1 red pepper
1 yellow/orange pepper
1 green pepper
1 (sweet or red) onion
(chunky cut - approx inch size pieces)

*Mushrooms or any veggies you want* - chunky cut

Sausage - we used 1 pkg of polish kielbasa

2 tbsp. olive oil
*1 tbsp. white wine*
1/2 tsp Garlic Powder OR 2 Garlic Cloves minced
Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper
*Italian Seasoning*

(* denotes my added ingredients)

Put all into an Aluminum Foil "Bag"
Cook at 400 degrees for 40 minutes
While Sausage & Peppers are cooking make your fave noodles or rice to go with the dish
Serve & Enjoy! :o)

(stole picture from pinterest recipe)

Mile High (Gluten Free) Chocolate Chip Cookies
(Variation of Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Recipe)

first post of 2014

I hope you are all well, and enjoyed your holidays & new year!
things here were... different.
my son was with his father for 2 weeks over the holidays... I spent most of my time in Breckenridge working and with my boyfriend. problem was, I also spent too much time partying.
Christmas eve, drama happened.
(this was the height of drama, no other holiday stories need to be shared lol oh and kids, this is why you should not do drugs)
we went out for dinner and drinks, which turned into a night on the town.
once the bars closed we went back to my now ex-best friends house.
one of our guy friends was getting upset so one of my best guy friends took the upset friend down stairs to talk. due to a mixture of alcohol and drugs our upset friend had a psychotic break. next thing we know, he is wielding a knife at my best guy friend. it took approximately 5 people to stop the fight and separate the two. during all of this my ex-best friend was verbally attacking me any time I tried t…