first post of 2014

I hope you are all well, and enjoyed your holidays & new year!
things here were... different.
my son was with his father for 2 weeks over the holidays... I spent most of my time in Breckenridge working and with my boyfriend. problem was, I also spent too much time partying.
Christmas eve, drama happened.
(this was the height of drama, no other holiday stories need to be shared lol oh and kids, this is why you should not do drugs)
we went out for dinner and drinks, which turned into a night on the town.
once the bars closed we went back to my now ex-best friends house.
one of our guy friends was getting upset so one of my best guy friends took the upset friend down stairs to talk. due to a mixture of alcohol and drugs our upset friend had a psychotic break. next thing we know, he is wielding a knife at my best guy friend. it took approximately 5 people to stop the fight and separate the two. during all of this my ex-best friend was verbally attacking me any time I tried to help her. long story short; we got the guys settled down, she came at me (verbally & physically), and I defended myself - unfortunately a little too well.
I apologized for my part in what happened, but my ex-bf does not care, and does not remember her part (and thus puts all the blame on me). she even tried to convince me that I attacked her for no reason and that my best guy friend was talking "shit" on me. thankfully I have had people who witnessed our fight tell me I acted out of defense - that in fact she attacked me not the other way around. and after speaking with my guy bf, know that she was just trying to start more drama bu bringing him into our discussion about that night.
what all of this has reminded me is this: at any moment we can make ineffective decisions and land up ruining friendships, partnerships, etc.
with one ineffective decision your world can change.
I was very upset, but now I have found acceptance of the situation.
any time I start to think about what happened I acknowledge all the feelings and emotions, and then accept them and the situation for what it is; not what is right or fair.
with this situation I have lost someone who was like a sister, but I have also learned and grown from it.
this is life. whether fair or unfair. it is what it is.

so let this be a new years resolution:
learn to be mindful - be in the present moment
learn to let go of judgment
find true acceptance.
with acceptance comes peace and happiness
it is not easy, but it is a simple concept and can be done
teach yourself
make it second nature
and be happy.

after thought: after all of this I have been enjoying quiet time the last week with my family... we did enjoy a late Christmas together once my son finally got home from his dads :o) guess he really does keep me in line ;o)

until next time folks,
live. laugh. love.


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