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First Muffin Attempt...

And they turned out pretty delish if I do say so myself :o)I used the muffin batter recipe from Pamelas Kitchen:
In our muffins I added blueberries, dark chocolate, and almonds - nom, nom, nom.
The next time I make these I will add another tbsp of vanilla, some more (almond) milk, and 2 more tsp of water (with baking high altitude I generally have to add flour and 2 tsp of water).
The batter was a little thick for my liking.
But all in all, very happy with how they turned out :o)
Closer and closer to perfecting my gluten free baking hehehe ...soon I will tell you why I am doing this, other than for my families enjoyment ;o)Hope you try these out and enjoy them too!
Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love.

Glazed Salmon

My day in the kitchen did not end with baking.
For dinner I made Glazed Salmon.
The recipe I followed for the glaze is from this recipe:
I made the glaze as directed.
Rather than use fillets though, we had a pound piece of salmon. As well, we substituted gluten free soy sauce. 
I coated the salmon in the glaze - used all of the glaze.
I then used the roast option on our convection oven. The salmon roasted for 20 minutes.
With the salmon I served basmati rice (cooked in organic vegetable broth), and cauliflower. (This is the vegetable we had in the fridge.)
The dinner was delish, and everyone loved it! My son might as well have inhaled his lolHope you try this out and enjoy as much as we did :o)
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love. (I stole the pic from the original recipe.)

Oven Dreams

I am still feeling pretty craptastic, so I decided to spend my day in the kitchen.My day in the kitchen started with me making pancake dippers (bacon inside pancake batter). I used the Pamela' s Kitchen Pancake Recipe - definitely had to alter. I added about twice as much (almond) milk, and twice as much vanilla. With cooking high altitude I also added 2 tsp of water. Recipe: recipes
For the Pancake Dippers I would highly recommend having a condiment bottle to use, as per the directions. Trying to do it "by hand" was quite a task lol but they turned out delish! Recipe: 
I let the extras cool and then packaged them up in individual serving ziploc bags, and then put all into a gallon size bag, and into the freezer they went for future breakfasts. (Open individual serving bag, microwave for approx 60 seconds.) Next I made gluten free dark chocolate and almond cookies - another del…

I am embarrassed/ashamed to ask, but desperate times call for desperate measures...

Sooooo the last couple of weeks I have been very sick with SEVERE (level 10) abdominal/pelvic pain.
I have been to the ER for blood work, urine analysis, cat scans, ultra sounds, and a hida scan - they cannot figure out what is wrong. (All they know is my small intestines are inflamed top to bottom, something is up with my biliary/liver, and I have an esophageal hernia.)
We went to a G.I. specialist today and the next step is a colonoscopy.
Here is the problem...
My insurance ran out at the end of February.
I wont have new insurance for about a month or so.
With being sick I have not been able to work for 2 weeks.

Sooooo a friend convinced me to do what I did when my dog needed health care I couldn't afford... she had me set up a gofundme account for myself. Her comment, "any help we can get you is help."
(She also is wanting to talk to some friends about having a fundraiser for me.)

So here I am, humbly sharing my gofundme account and asking for your help.
If you cann…

Vegan Quinoa Chili mmmmm


I have been dealing with excruciating pain due to my small intestines being inflamed for almost 2 weeks now, so I apologize that I am only now sharing this recipe with you.  This would be what I made for my family to take to the Superbowl Party they went to.

I am going to past the recipe I used (from, and then add notes about the changes I made to the recipe.

It turned out delish! Hope you all enjoy!

Ingredients: ½ cup quinoa 1 Tbsp olive oil 1 small onion 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 large carrot, peeled and chopped 1 medium zucchini, chopped 1 medium yellow squash, chopped 1 green bell pepper, chopped ***1/2 an Acorn Squash*** ***1 parsnip*** ***1 can of mushrooms*** 2 cans black beans 1 can red kidney beans 1 can garbanzo beans 2 cans diced tomatoes 1 can tomato sauce 1 Tbsp ***gluten free*** soy sauce ¼ cup spiced rum ***I did not use the rum*** 1 Tbsp ground cumin 1-3 tsp chili powder (depends on yo…

Believing in religion... or Christianity

The look Dexter just got when he told the sister at the preschool and his own sister that he doesn't believe in anything is the same look I get when I answer the same question as I don't believe either.
Why is it so hard for believers to grasp the fact that not everyone believes/is religious?
Is it so hard to believe that some don't need a god to believe is looking over them? I am going to give reasons as to why I don't believe. And I really would like to know what you guys think. There are days I wonder what is wrong me as I have so many friends who are believers... I went to church until I was about 10 years old. We went to amazingly laid back and non-judgmental Presbyterian Church in Burlington, Ontario. I enjoyed the songs, the stories (the lessons and morals), and of course I enjoyed Sunday School (well to a degree - my social anxiety was horrid as a child). But no matter how much I enjoyed being at our church, I still didn't believe. Since childhood I have b…