Glazed Salmon

My day in the kitchen did not end with baking.
For dinner I made Glazed Salmon.
The recipe I followed for the glaze is from this recipe:
I made the glaze as directed.
Rather than use fillets though, we had a pound piece of salmon. As well, we substituted gluten free soy sauce. 
I coated the salmon in the glaze - used all of the glaze.
I then used the roast option on our convection oven. The salmon roasted for 20 minutes.
With the salmon I served basmati rice (cooked in organic vegetable broth), and cauliflower. (This is the vegetable we had in the fridge.)
The dinner was delish, and everyone loved it! My son might as well have inhaled his lol

Hope you try this out and enjoy as much as we did :o)
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.

(I stole the pic from the original recipe.)


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