I am embarrassed/ashamed to ask, but desperate times call for desperate measures...

Sooooo the last couple of weeks I have been very sick with SEVERE (level 10) abdominal/pelvic pain.
I have been to the ER for blood work, urine analysis, cat scans, ultra sounds, and a hida scan - they cannot figure out what is wrong. (All they know is my small intestines are inflamed top to bottom, something is up with my biliary/liver, and I have an esophageal hernia.)
We went to a G.I. specialist today and the next step is a colonoscopy.
Here is the problem...
My insurance ran out at the end of February.
I wont have new insurance for about a month or so.
With being sick I have not been able to work for 2 weeks.

Sooooo a friend convinced me to do what I did when my dog needed health care I couldn't afford... she had me set up a gofundme account for myself. Her comment, "any help we can get you is help."
(She also is wanting to talk to some friends about having a fundraiser for me.)

So here I am, humbly sharing my gofundme account and asking for your help.
If you cannot afford to donate, just sharing the page helps as maybe someone who can afford to help with all of these bills will see it and donate.

Ahead of time, I thank you for your help!

My GOFUNDME Account/Page


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