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Upside down

Sooo my life was turned upside down yesterday. Yet once again. UghThe end result was my doing, but the situation that forced my decision to get there was the fault of a few individuals. Ask them and it is all my fault - Cause you know if there is someone with bipolar disorder involved, it's all their & their moods fault. <cough, BS> Here is a little story for #wednesdaywisdom and #wellnesswednesday (think this would also apply to #transformationtuesday).In general, it is hard to set me off.
When you are a part of my daily life, and there are things you do to upset/hurt me, I will address things "nicely" for a time, but if nothing changes, I will eventually "snap". (Like most. Though I do react very emotionally. What can I say? I am passionate ;o)When I "snap" everyone always blames my bipolar diagnosis and my moods/anger. It never has anything to do with things the other party(s) has done and/or said. Well, the straw broke the camels back y…

#Days Of The Week

I want to come up with our own "days of the week". Something fun for blog posts and posts on our Facebook page.
What do you think?
What are your ideas?
Here are my ideas so far (some you already know):
Memory Lane Monday #MLM, Man Crush Monday #MCM and Music Monday #musicmonday
Transformation Tuesday #transformationtuesday
Women Crush Wednesday #WCW, Wellness Wednesday #wellnesswednesday and Wednesday Wisdom #wednesdaywisdom
Throwback Thursday #TBT
Friendship Friday #friendshipfriday and Freaky Friday #freakyfriday
Shout Out Saturday #SOS, Caturday #caturday, Saturday Swag #saturdayswag, Saturday Shenanigans #saturdayshenanigans
Selfie Sunday #selfiesunday, Sunday Funday #sundayfunday and Sinday #sinday Please let me know what you think and your ideas!
Let's get this going :o)
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love. ♡

I ♡ Breakfast Smoothies

How are you on this Fabulous Friday?
I am slowly waking up ;o) one thing to learn about me, especially if you follow my recipe posts, is that I am not big on measuring... i know, makes it hard to give you recipes lol but so far we seem to be doing ok... unless you're just not telling me lolAnyhoo, let's get to this delicious Breakfast Smoothie. (Again, I really don't measure)Strawberries
Vanilla Almond Milk
Apple Sauce (equivalent of 1 serving)
2 fruit cups (with liquid)
1/2 tbsp Peanut Butter (for protein)
2 servings of oats
CinnamonThe fruit was half to 3/4 of my blender - the remainder of the ingredients filled the rest of the blender. Serve and Enjoy! :o)
Live. Laugh. Love. Have a Wonderful Weekend!