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Sales People & Product Knowledge

When one accepts the responsibility of selling for a company, you also accept the responsibility of having product knowledge.
Basic Business Classes teach us this.
Any Retail or Sales Position requires it.So why is it there are so many selling product(s) they don't know anything about, other than the fact they like the product(s)?As a customer it is extremely frustrating when a sales person expects you to do their job for them.
(I am going to use the generalized term, "You" for the purpose of this post.)You are a sales person?
You are supposed to sell to me, not me sell to me.
If I ask you a question you should either:
A) have the product knowledge to answer any and all questions I have
B) be willing to get the answers - not tell me to look up product information, or contact the company YOU work for.When I entered the Steel Industry, May of 2007, I had absolutely no product knowledge lol
So as that I could answer the questions my customers would pose I studie…

Self Respect

I couldn't have said it any better!  It has been quite the journey, and this journey will be life long, but I am ready for it :-) It's amazing what happens when one learns some self acceptance, respect, love, in combination with mindfulness & acceptance ♡♡♡ ☆ Live Wholeheartedly ☆
Live. Laugh. Love.

One Dish Pork Tenderloin

This is more of an ingredient list than a recipe as I vary quantities based on size of tenderloin and how many I am feeding. 
You will need: Rectangular baking dish Pork Tenderloin Potatoes Sweet Onion (Minced) Garlic Italian Seasonings (Oregano, Basil, Marjoram, Thyme, Rosemary, and Sage) Sea Salt Freshly Ground Pepper Butter (or 1 cube of Sauté Express Garlic Herb - slit tenderloin and put slivers of butter in slice and then shut tenderloin over butter/slit (approx half of cube, rest gets divided among baking dish for potatoes, and (if adding) veggies) 1-2 TBSP (your choice) Oil drizzled on potatoes and veggies before you put dish in oven  Wine (optional) Water
Preheat oven to 425-450 degrees place tenderloin in dish and slit lengthwise put butter in slit (use judgment as to amount) close slit over butter cut up potatoes & onion (and any veggies; recommend (quartered) asparagus) place veggies around tenderloin in baking dish top all with seasonings & minced garlic  drizzle oil over potato/veggie…

A Decade...

Deep breaths... I just had a whole blog post written and when I hit "save", lost the whole thing. It is taking everything I have to not throw my phone through the wall... lol (never mind frustrating, this is day 3 of (cold turkey) quitting smoking!)Ok... let's try this again...Holy Shat!!! I can NOT believe it has already been 10 years since I had my son! (Not the same wording as before :oP meh... lol)If you follow our Facebook page you will have seen the post I did this morning for his birthday :o)One thing going through my head is one of the reasons we left Breckenridge when we did... ineffective choices that took (quality) time with me, away from my son. More to the (selfish) point: took time with my son from me!
(After putting him through & getting him out of a 5 year abusive relationship (with my ex boyfriend), I wasn't going to go back to making similar ineffective choices, and in turn hurt my son.)This is definitely a big self judgment for me... One I wor…

"Too Expensive to Eat Healthy"

I hear this a lot. To be honest, used to feel the same way. But in all reality, it's just not the case.Here are my tips for eating healthy on a tight budget:
- don't meal plan before grocery shopping (why? See below point)
- buy produce that is on sale
- if buying specialty foods (organic, all natural, gluten free, and/or the like), buy what is on sale
- coupon clip, use grocery store reward programs, use places like COSTCO
- apply for government assistance; worse they can say is no/you're not approved
- grow your produce (outside during growing seasons, and/or use a greenhouse. As well, you can grow many veggies & fruits in pots and use sun from windows.)
- if allowed, and you eat a lot of eggs, get a chicken coop
- buy bulk in non-perishables
- the more you cook from scratch, the less expensive meals are
- make big batches of meals and freeze leftovers for future meals
- use local farmers/ranchers
- check out food co-ops in your area ...I think that is all.