"Too Expensive to Eat Healthy"

I hear this a lot. To be honest, used to feel the same way. But in all reality, it's just not the case.

Here are my tips for eating healthy on a tight budget:
- don't meal plan before grocery shopping (why? See below point)
- buy produce that is on sale
- if buying specialty foods (organic, all natural, gluten free, and/or the like), buy what is on sale
- coupon clip, use grocery store reward programs, use places like COSTCO
- apply for government assistance; worse they can say is no/you're not approved
- grow your produce (outside during growing seasons, and/or use a greenhouse. As well, you can grow many veggies & fruits in pots and use sun from windows.)
- if allowed, and you eat a lot of eggs, get a chicken coop
- buy bulk in non-perishables
- the more you cook from scratch, the less expensive meals are
- make big batches of meals and freeze leftovers for future meals
- use local farmers/ranchers
- check out food co-ops in your area

...I think that is all.
Pinterest is a great resource for subjects such as this. Check it out if you want some more ideas! :-)

Ending thought:
In our case, the main issue was that it does take more effort to eat healthy. You have to read labels. Do prep work. Actually cook. Clean up. Etc.
I learned to LOVE cooking sooo it was an easy transition in our house ;-) have seen many struggle. It may not be financially more expensive, but it does cost you more time to eat healthy.

...now I really think that is all ;-)

If you have any suggestions please share them with us!

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love. ♡

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