Sales People & Product Knowledge

When one accepts the responsibility of selling for a company, you also accept the responsibility of having product knowledge.
Basic Business Classes teach us this.
Any Retail or Sales Position requires it.

So why is it there are so many selling product(s) they don't know anything about, other than the fact they like the product(s)?

As a customer it is extremely frustrating when a sales person expects you to do their job for them.
(I am going to use the generalized term, "You" for the purpose of this post.)

You are a sales person?
You are supposed to sell to me, not me sell to me.
If I ask you a question you should either:
A) have the product knowledge to answer any and all questions I have
B) be willing to get the answers - not tell me to look up product information, or contact the company YOU work for.

When I entered the Steel Industry, May of 2007, I had absolutely no product knowledge lol
So as that I could answer the questions my customers would pose I studied product lines and information - and there was a TON to learn! (We sold stainless & carbon tubing, castings, extrusions, fabricated parts, and more!)
When ever I was asked a question I couldn't answer I would be honest with my customers and say, "I am sorry I do not know the answer to that, but I will/can get the answer(s) for you." (Big smile here ;-)
My customers appreciated the fact I put in the effort to not only learn the products I sold, but also my honesty when I didn't have an answer (and the fact I would get the answer for them).

Based on my years of Retail Experience I thought this was just what someone in Sales did...
From what I have seem from sales people as of late, they must not teach this in basic business classes anymore OR during sales training. <flabbergasted>

Want more Sales?
Want a dedicated, repeat customer base? Want to build relationships rather than continually trying for the 1st sale?
Product Knowledge!!!
...well a positive attitude & demeanor help too ;-)

Point of this post: Sales People need to remember that they are the ones selling the products, not their customers.

There's my 2 cents ;-) lol
What's yours??? :-)

Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love. ♡

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