Dieting VS Healthy Lifestyle

Diet Products work while you use them, but if you don't change diet & lifestyle, you will gain back everything (plus some) when you stop using the product(s).
How is everyone?
I felt the need to touch on this subject again as there seems to be another Diet Product Craze going on. (Please check out the past post, "Don't just diet, Change your life".)
Do you want to loose weight?
Do you want to get in shape?
Do you want to feel better?
Change your lifestyle!!!
There is no magic pill, cure, or the like. 
To loose weight, and keep it off; to get in shape and stay in shape; to feel better and continually feel better, we must change our lifestyle - not get a "quick fix".

Being healthy takes work - just like anything in life worth having.
...The pride you feel once you have accomplished your goal, insurmountable! Then think of the pride you would have after maintaining your healthy lifestyle!?!?!
I am not saying diet products don't help. What I AM saying is that without changes in your eating and exercise habits (and your life as a whole), no product will keep the weight off, a-n-d most products have ill effects if you stay on them long term (liver, kidneys, g.i. system, brain, heart, etc) - even the all natural herbal products.

The most basic we can get is this:
Dieting is a temporary fix
Lisfestyle changes are life long 

Which would you prefer???
Me? Life long! :-)

Please share any thoughts, tips, advice, or the like with us!!!
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love! <3


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