I hope one day...

I just saw what is supposed to be a funny post...
Forest Gump, "I may not be a smart man Jenny, but at least I didn't vote for Obama."
My response,
"I am a smart women and thank your god I voted for Obama, and don't support ignorance." (Please remember ignorance is not an insult, per se. It just means one is unknowing - knowledge (in this regard) is power.)

Our other options the last 2 elections...
Vote for the Tea Party? Only someone who doesn't truly understand economics, business, and the fact we have separation of church for a reason would support the Tea Party.
Vote for McCain? How many political views does he have? How many times has he flip flopped? Never mind his personal views and comments.
Vote for Romney? He was an even worse flip flopper!!! Started his campaign with one agenda, and ended on the polar opposite. Can't trust people like this. They don't stand for anything.
So again, tell me how ineffective of a choice it was for the majority to vote for Obama.  (Sarcastically) The other options were so much more effective for a country in the worse recession since the Great Depression. :-P ;-)
I hope one day voters will truly educate themselves on the economy, business (law), health care, and the like.
I hope one day voters will remember there is a reason the founding fathers wanted Separation of Religion from Politics.
I hope one day voters will understand how warped our system is - Democrats are now Republicans, and vice versa.
I hope one day people will look at the bigger picture rather than the here and now.
My hopes could go on all day... lol and I will stay optimistic :-) all the ignorance in the world can't bring me down! :-D

There's my thoughts in regards to the post I just saw lol
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love!

Before you take a gander at the pics below:
 yes, I know it could seem hypocritical to share "jokes" about those I do not support since that's what started this blog entry, but I felt the need to lighten the post up and thought funny pics would help with that :-P ;-)


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