The Vintage Look... or Retro Glam

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE vintage looks!!!
The 1920's through the Eighties. (Parts of the 80's and all of the 90's were awful lol (in my opinion))
Due to depression, etc, I had very little  inclination to spend any amount of time on my hair or make up - sporadically when manic, yes. But otherwise it was the basics or all natural.
It has only been in the last ohhh 5 or so years that I have grown. It took a lot of work to get where I am now, but it was well worth it. (Oh and I have lots of work to go! Living whole heartedly and making effective choices is a life long process :-) )
Part of the work: I have learned some self acceptance, love, and respect. With this came self awareness - awareness that included figuring out what exactly my style is.
What makes me feel good when I have it on? That's my style :-)
When shopping I have a new rule; if I don't LOVE it, I don't buy it. :-) In combo, I am learning to just wear and be whatever makes me happy. This helps me move past my anxieties in regards to what people think of me... Letting go of more and more (self) judgment all the time. Learning to accept myself for all my weirdness, individuality, and uniqueness - for myself and who I am :-)
Have you gone through a process like this? Or do you need to?
What is your style?
Do you rock your style, or do you censor it out of fear of others opinions?
I am going to share a picture (or maybe more hehe) that I shared on our Facebook page, and ask you to check out my Pinterest account - more specifically my "Love It!" and "DIY Hair and Skin" boards. This is where you will find clothing and styles I love, as well as hair, make up, and skin "tips".
I hope you guys will keep this convo going (with me), and will check out (and possibly follow) my Pinterest account.
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love. ♡
  • First Pic: My "Retro Glam" look
  • Second Pic: the 80's called and they want their sweatband back lol the day I wore this I had a perma grin ;-) the looks on people's faces were classic lol
  • Third Pic: even though I am at work, and wearing a sweat shirt & work jeans, I still did my hair retro style (bangs are curled into a "rosette" in combo with the bandana), for that little pop that helped make me feel prettier (as I was exhausted, which effects mood all around
  • Fourth Pic: "got my hair up all big beauty queen style" - Lana del Ray
  • Fifth Pic: more of a classic look with jet black eyeliner


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