Happy Canada Day!

My parents are with our family in Toronto for this Canada Day. I am a tad jealous, to say the least ;-)

Though I have lived in the States since 1993, I am Canadian - still have a green card, which INS is starting to push me to get my US citizenship.
Why wouldn't you?
Because I am Canadian. If it weren't for my son who's father lives in Colorado, I would move back to Canada... There is something about my home country that will always hold my heart ♡

So to all of my fellow Canadians,
Happy Canada Day!!!
Go out with fresh eyes and appreciate the beautiful country you live in, and can call your own. Be thankful you are in Canada, and not a war torn country. Be grateful as there are so many of us whom long for home ♡

Live. Laugh. Love.
Go Canada!!! ;-)


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