Life since my last post has been... A whirlwind to say the least! Buuut in a positive way! :-)
I believe the last time I truly shared my life was when I moved into my vehicle and was sick...
We moved back in with my parents. I apologized for my execution, but not my point. ...things seem to be better... so long as I don't try to quit smoking again lol 
We finally got a colonoscopy and endoscopy, and are back to square 1. We still have no idea why I have chronic small intestine inflammation, a hiatal hernia, and a lump in my intestinal track. 
My best guess is that it all has something to do with my Chronic D Deficiency. Problem is, we have no idea why I have the deficiency - normal causes aren't the reason.
it is what it is :-)
Next item would be; I started & ended a new job. It was a "sales associate" position at one of the local gas stations... The best way to sum up my time there: I feel it was meant to happen so as that I could make a couple of great new friends, and meet my new boss. It was one of those life experiences one is meant to have so they can grow. And with that...
My new job rocks!!!!!!! :-D
I am learning the General Contracting Trade.
So far I have helped finish a kitchen remodel (including wiring & texturing), excavated & leveled land by hand, removed windows on a 3 story, multi-unit building from the 50's, and put new windows in. I am loving it!!!
Before I forget... Back tracking to my health a little bit... One of the things I started doing back in February was research Vitamin/Supplement Companies. I wrote a blog post about my final choices (Juice Plus, Arbonne, QSciences, and IT Works Greens). 
I began taking the Arbonne Power Packs for Women, and their Vitamin D & B Spray, about a month ago. Shortly there after I started taking Juice Plus Trio Capsules (Garden, Orchard, and Vineyard Blends). All I can say is, STOKED!!!
With the addition of the Trio Capsules I have seen increased energy levels, more stable moods, NO hangovers, and more restive sleep. It's been pretty amazing!
Since beginning the Trio Capsules my body has been through the following:
Numerous Menstruation Cycles (one of my health issues s irregular cycles)
5 Day Period of Mania
Come Down from Mania
Numerous late nights on the town ;-)
Hard Physical Labor
Exercise (walking, running, hiking, and the like)
Mental/Emotional Stress
Normally it takes me days to recover from a night on the town. Add coming down from mania and a menstruation cycle, and my recovery time has turned into a week long process.
This go around? Nada!!! Maybe a yawn or two, but otherwise? Zip! Zilch! No consequences!!!
One extremely happy girl here :-D
As well, my son has started taking their Orchard & Garden Blend Gummies. I have noticed increased energy levels and more stable moods in just a weeks time! Fantabulous!!!
As you can gather, one happy momma! ;-)
Anyhoo, health... jobs... what is next...
OH! I am having my first Art Show during the First Friday Art Walk in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, this September!!! :-D SUPER Excited!!! Also anxious... but focusing on the excitement ;-)
I have one piece I am finally happy with :-P lol it still has a little more before it is complete, but I am extremely happy with it thus far.
More excitement was the two camping trips I took with some great buddies during June. Tons of fun!!! As well, the trips were beautifully relaxing!
The first trip was to the Buena Vista area. We camped along Cottonwood Pass, on the river.
The second trip was to Sand Dunes National Park. We stayed at the Zappata Falls campground while there.
(I am working on a post about these trips... just taking me a minute to finish it lol been really busy)
...can not wait for another trip!!! :-)
Can't forget this 4th of July with some very special friends, on top of Baldy Mountain, Breckenridge.
The last time I watched the fireworks from atop Baldy Mountain was before I had my son... it was almost tradition to watch all the surrounding fireworks from up there... and then our group of that time drifted apart, and with us, so did the tradition... it was wonderful to experience fireworks this way once again. Especially with the company I had this 4th of July. :-)
During the month of June my son was with his father - July 6th I was able to pick him up!!! :-D
Since he has been home we have hung out with Llamas, goats, puppies, and friends ;-)
We went for a hike, visited Breckenridge, had hot dogs at Coney Island in Bailey, and gorged ourselves on Canadian Candies my mum brought back from her visit back North (to see the family) - it has been absolutely fabulous having my little-big man back home!
Sadly he goes back to his dads this weekend... time flies though, and he will be back with me soon enough :-) <3
...at the moment, I can not think of anything else. I think we covered everything; though short & sweet ;-)
If I think of anything else, promise to come back and add it in here ;-)
Until next time,

Live. Laugh. Love.
interested in Whole Food Nutrition? Ask me! :-)  


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