another whirlwind ;-)

quick update on my crazy life ;-)
thoroughly enjoying my new job - general contractor work is da bomb!!! :-)
i have now done wiring, texturing, mudding, tiling, replaced a toilet, trim work, replaced windows, etc. tons o fun! and i get paid ;-)

went camping again - awesome trip! saw so much in 3 days! Green Mountain Reservoir, down to Gunnison via Leadville/Buena Vista/Salida/Monarch Pass. Then through Curecanti Recreation Area/Blue Mesa/Black Canyon/Montrose/Crawford State Park/Black Canyon North Rim/Paonia/Carbondale/Glenwood Springs, and back to Summit County. I LOVE COLORADO!!! :-D

then... purse - gone! :-( license, wallet, check book, phone, car keys - the whole 9 yards! :-(
it is what it is... and it sucks! lesson learned, but as usual, i learn an expensive lesson. such is life. time to move on. (trying to accept this, but it is taking a minute to let go of my anger about the situation and towards myself... i will get there.)

as well i guess i was a tad "bipolar" that night... as we were walking down the street (we will just say) a man started having words with us. my buddy had words back. they got into it. i defended my friend... by jumping on dude and trying to choke him out... oops :-/ i then proceeded to cry to a friend i recently reconnected with... and have been told i had a couple of "make out sessions", and was the "dancing queen"... i was a tad manic, and emotional prior... probably should not have been drinking. again, lesson learned.

through this week the stress of this past weekend, combined with other issues i am dealing with in my life, are prooving to be a little much for me. though i believed i was working through things effectively, my waking life is entering my resting life and causing me to not get restive sleep. due to this my energy levels have been lower. all i can do is keep plugging away and try my best to deal with everything in my life, day to day. i rest a little easier knowing i am at least working at "getting better". it helps knowing i can pat myself on the back for that.

in combo with the above, i am also working through accepting that people i thought were "better" friends, actually don't care if i am in their lives or not. as i have said before, not the first time, and wont be the last time. doesn't change how much it hurts each time. it never gets easier. the process is a sort of broken heart/grieving process. and the process take some time... acceptance of what is usually does.

with all that, i have to give the changes i have made in my life the props they deserve! :-D i wouldn't be coping mentally & physically as effectively as i am without having made changes in my life. and i am so proud to say that one of my most recent decisions has been one the most effective for my health overall; Whole Food Nutrition. the phytonutrients help my body battle oxidative stress, and in turn i have improved energy levels, mood, sleep, and less pain. previous to adding my Trio Capsules the current stressors in my life would have me... sleeping days away. i truly feel adding Juice Plus has improved my bodies ability to deal with stress. it is no magic cure, but it sure does seem to help.

what do you do for your mental & physical health?

remember me mentioning how busy i am? i need to get off here and get to work lol
hope you all will share with me how you help your overall health!

until next time,
live. laugh. love.

i want to give a shout out to my papa bear :-)
my dad is AMAZING!
through all my ups & downs, mania, depression, happy times, sad times, proud moments, and everything in between; my dad is always there for me :-D <3
love & appreciate you so very, very much Dad!!!
*** Happy 65th Birthday ***


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