Time Flies! Have A Wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Wow! Where does the time go?
A week from now, I will be at my 1st Art Show; as in my own, personal art show. My Art on display.
...Anxious to say the least ;-)
And keeping true to myself, I have procrastinated on just about everything in regards to my show, and am now scrambling to get everything done in time :-P lol ah well, it is what it is, and I know all will be ok :-)
Once the show is over, I will share more with you.

...what else.
I have now finished my first complete tiling job (3300 sq ft), a tile based board, and at another job a beautiful tile back splash; pretty proud of myself! And it is not just me that is proud, my boss is too, which is extremely bolstering! I am so thankful to have such an empowering person in my life!
But (always a but lol), with the changing seasons (I believe), I am experiencing some blahs, but (do not get me wrong) am still thoroughly enjoying my new career direction, and am still super stoked on life in general! ...I just have a lot on my plate right now between work, daily life (of a single parent), financial stress, and my art show in combo with shorter days (and in turn, less sun). Deep breaths and baby steps :-) taking things day by day and accepting all that I cannot control/change = less stress/anxiety = happier me :-)
Example of Changing What Can Be & Acceptance Of What Is/Coping: My son is with my parents for the long weekend visiting my brother & his family. I opted to stay home and work... mehhhh :-P While I could definitely use a vacation, and a visit with my brother, knowing I am taking care of financial responsibilities lessens one of my "stressers", and allows me to be happier over all.
Speaking of Mental Health (as that is moral of above story lol)....
While I cannot deny that I am mentally exhausted, which in turn effects my fatigue levels, my body as a whole is coping extremely well considering all it is going through. Yet again cannot tell you how happy I am about my Trio Whole Food Nutrition Capsules by Juice Plus! (Food for thought: much of the population spends $2.50 a day on an (unhealthy) beverage & snack. For the same price you could instead be bridging the gaps in your diet with one or more of the Juice Plus Products! Make the healthier choice! Talk to me today! http://sl35166.juiceplus.com/)
So I think all the kiddos are back in school now, no?
How is your kiddo(s) doing so far?
Do they like their teacher(s)?
My son has been back for 2 weeks now, and so far... all good!!! phew! ;-) So far he likes his teachers, aids, and the like. I really have not heard any complaints = stoked!!! :-) Only downfall of back to school = germs :-P lol he managed to get a bug the first week and has been sick for the last week with a cold, and I think the change of seasons is only exacerbating the ick = double meh ;-P Lots of rest & fluids the past week. Hoping he will leave the bug in STL with my brother (lol), and come back healthy :-) Hate to see my little-big man sickly :-(

...I think that is all in our little world ;-)
Until next time folks,
Happy Labor Day!
Live. Laugh. Love :-)


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